Denver Broncos Staff Members Directory

Staff Members Directory

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  • Keith Bishop Vice President of Security
  • Brittany Bowlen Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
  • Chip Conway Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Rich Hurtado Vice President of Football Administration
  • Brady Kellogg Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Russ Trainor Senior Vice President, Information Technology
  • Darren O'Donnell Vice President of Business Development


  • Veronica Ibarra Executive Asst. to Bowlen Family
  • Lisa Williams Executive Asst. to President & CEO and General Counsel
  • Kathy Hatch Executive Assistant to Executive Vice President of Football Operations
  • Pam Papsdorf Executive Assistant to Player Personnel
  • Kelsey Zimmerman Executive Assistant to Chief Commercial Officer
  • Sara Hoag Receptionist




  • Matt Russell Director of Player Personnel
  • A.J. Durso Director of Pro Personnel
  • Mark Thewes Director of Team Administration
  • Ray Jackson Director of Player Development
  • Brian Stark Director of College Scouting
  • Jordon Dizon Pro Scout
  • Eugene Armstrong Southwest Area Scout
  • Dave Bratten College Scouting Coord./Area Scout
  • Scott DiStefano Midwest Area Scout
  • Frantzy Jourdain Southeast Area Scout
  • Darren Mougey Western Regional Scout
  • Nick Schiralli Eastern Regional Scout
  • Bryan Chesin Midwest Area Scout
  • Patrick Walsh Pro Scout
  • Scott Flaska Lead Football Analyst
  • Rob Paton College/Pro Scout
  • Deon Randall College/Pro Scout
  • Eddie Simpkins Scouting Assistant


  • Steve Antonopulos Director of Sports Medicine
  • Vince Garcia Head Athletic Trainer
  • Zach Lewis Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Michael Sundeen Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Matthew Kee Director of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Paul Burant Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
  • Martin Boublik, MD Head Team Physician
  • J. Steven Geraghty, MD Team Physician
  • Josh Metzl Team Physician
  • Braden Mayer Team Physician
  • Chad Prusmack Team Neurosurgeon Consultant


  • Chris Valenti Equipment Manager
  • Mike Harrington Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Jason Schell Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Kenny Chavez Assistant Equipment Manager


  • Tony Lazzaro Director of Football Information Systems
  • Karl Schreiner Senior Applications Developer
  • Richard Hildebrand Software Engineer


  • Steve Boxer Video Director
  • Kirt Horiuchi Video Operations Coordinator
  • Chris Kirchner Video Operations Manager


  • Jim White Director of Security




  • Seth Medvin Senior Strategic Communications Manager
  • Aspen Odom Public Relations Assistant


  • Erich Schubert Senior Director of Communications & Content
  • Ben Hunt Director of Digital Platforms
  • Tioni Taylor Digital Development & Design Manager
  • Keelyn Arnold Web Production Coordinator
  • Ben Swanson Managing Editor,
  • Aric DiLalla Senior Coordinator of Digital Content/Lead Writer
  • Phil Milani Coordinating Producer/Reporter
  • Sydney Jones Team Reporter/Producer
  • Caroline Deisley Social Media Engagement Manager
  • Joe Abdellah Social Video Producer
  • Roya Burton Social Media Content Assistant


  • Russell Jenisch Sr. Director of Event Presentation and Production
  • Nick Young Manager, ThunderVision
  • Lucas Flora 3-D Animator/Motion Graphic Artist
  • Alexis Perry Producer/On-Air Talent
  • Matt Boyer Coordinating Producer/Reporter
  • Austin Brink Senior Manager, Broncos Broadcast Productions
  • Aaron Gunning Video Production Specialist
  • Nicholas Schultz Motion Graphics Designer/Video Editor


  • Allison Engelken Executive Director of Community Development
  • Billy Thompson Director of Community Outreach
  • Bobby Mestas Director of Youth & High School Football
  • Liz Mannis Senior Manager of Community Development
  • Katie Shuster Community Development Coordinator


  • Michael Kalousek Director of Accounting
  • Fred Krebs Manager of Cash/Treasury
  • Nanette Thompson Assistant Controller
  • Will Knorr Senior Financial Analyst
  • Jenifer Brunetti Payroll Administrator
  • Peggy Jackson Revenue Accountant
  • Gina Johnson Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Sharon Erwin Accounts Payable Clerk


  • Chris Newman Director of Information Technology
  • Gil Bencomo Senior Information Technology Engineer
  • Jason Moore Senior Information Technology Engineer
  • Mike Corey Senior Information Technology Analyst
  • Nick Burris Senior IT Engineer
  • Tahoe Dennis IT Security Engineer
  • Denise Hernandez IT Engineer
  • Rick Seifert Chief Communications Engineer


  • Aracely Gomez Human Resources Director
  • Reann Rice Human Resources Administrator
  • Paiao Thornton Human Resources Administrator


  • Liz Coates Game Entertainment Manager
  • Kristian Champagne Patton Graphic Designer
  • Ted Santiago Director of Marketing
  • Marisol Villagomez Senior Marketing Manager
  • Steve Atwater Fan Development Manager
  • Cassidee Owens Creative Services Manager
  • Brad Post Mascot Coordinator
  • Scott Lantis Marketing Manager
  • Jenna Petersen Graphic Designer
  • Kristian Champagne Graphic Designer
  • Matthew Sullivan CRM Analyst


  • Dan Hawley Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Sandy Young Senior Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Jon Carlson Director of Business Development
  • Derek Thomas Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Amanda Hebert Senior Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Brooke Manning Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Jennifer Hawk Partnership Activation Coordinator
  • Garrett Ely Partnership Activation Coordinator
  • Matt Swiren Partnership Activation Coordinator
  • Michael Boivin Senior Sales Associate
  • Damian Farinola Partnership Activation Coordinator


  • Shawna Peters Director of Cheerleaders
  • Shelly Trujillo Assistant Director, Cheerleaders
  • Lauren Stengel Program Manager, Cheerleaders


  • Fred Fleming Director of Special Services
  • Adam Newman Director of Team Logistics
  • Greg Johnson Maintenance Manager
  • Josh Bruning Senior Operations Manager
  • Zach Burns Facility and Events Coordinator


  • Brooks Dodson Director of Sports Turf & Grounds
  • Cole Dudley Sports Turf Coordinator
  • Sam Pendleton Sports Turf Assistant
  • Andrew Mahnke Groundskeeper
  • Cameron Hendricks Turf Technician
  • Eric Klever Grounds Assistant


  • Bryan Snyder Director of Team Nutrition
  • Brett Eisen Nutrition Manager
  • Justin Domsch Executive Chef
  • Jake Schmitt Sous Chef
  • Alfredo Gonzalez Pantry Chef
  • Nick Ratliff Culinary team
  • Danny Sackett Culinary team
  • Robert Archuletta Culinary team
  • Wendy Jaramillo Lead Chef


  • James Head Premium Seating Executive
  • Daniel Pietrafeso Director of Premium Sales
  • Jacob Black Customer Service Representative
  • Spencer Horner Business Intelligence & Analytics Senior Manager
  • Clark Wray Senior Director of Ticket Strategy and Analytics
  • Katie Delay Senior Director of Ticket Operations
  • Glenn Hives Director of Customer Service
  • Patti Barban ADA Manager
  • Ivy Johnson Ticket Operations Assistant Manager
  • Stacey Drifmeyer Customer Service Representative
  • Kylee Jackson Customer Service Representative
  • Alexandria Farmer Waters Customer Service Representative
  • Brooke Sikonski Manager of Suite Services
  • Brandon Warner Club Seat Service Representative
  • Dave Stutman Manager of Club Seat Services
  • Geoff Sanders Senior Premium Seating Executive
  • Brad Thomas Premium Seating Executive
  • Matt Melchior Premium Seating Executive
  • Joshua Cohn Customer Service Representative
  • Matthew Cassidy Customer Service Representative
  • Cameron Barlow Club Seat Service Representative


  • Jay Roberts General Manager
  • Scott Bliek Assistant General Manager
  • Chuck Olney Director of Business Development
  • Jon Applegate Director of Event Operations
  • Austin Zilis Parking and Events Manager
  • Anna Marie Martinez Director of Special Events
  • Catherine Bishop Special Events Assistant Manager
  • Kelly Williams Special Events Coordinator
  • Kathleen Risser Events Administrator
  • Fran Williams SMC Receptionist
  • Judi Fernquist SMC Receptionist
  • Pat Tetrick Director of Guest Relations
  • Sharyl Morrison Guest Relations Administrator
  • Jared Devine Director of Security
  • Mo Mills 24-Hour Security Supervisor
  • Scott Padgett 24-Hour Security Shift Supervisor
  • Cindy Gordon Security Manager
  • John Capezzuto Security Officer
  • Dominique Ireland Security Officer
  • Jackie Anderson Security Officer
  • Jason Cardona Security Officer
  • Terrence Whitaker Security Officer
  • Kynda Keiffer Security Officer
  • Charles Deichman Security Officer
  • Melissa Rodriguez Loading Dock Supervisor
  • Zach Myhra Director of Facilities
  • Timothy Talbot HVAC Technician
  • Matt Shine Director of Operations and Engineering
  • Kirk Godfrey Facilities Operations Manager
  • Madeline Pedro Facilities Administrator
  • Tyler Foote Conversion Crew Member
  • Robert Saavedra Conversion Crew Member
  • Jennifer Sweet Conversion Crew Member
  • Cole Tavenner Conversion Crew
  • Curt Norton Lead Plumber
  • Mike Hernandez Plumber
  • Chris Hoag Lead Electrician
  • Ryan Conlon Electrician
  • Page Valencia Electrician
  • Jeremiah Roybal HVAC Technician
  • Brett Seibel Engineering Manager
  • Craig Honas General Maintenance Lead
  • James Heinrichs Project Coordinator
  • Steven Morris Logistics Coordinator
  • Kevin O’Connor Facilities Technician
  • Patrick Bowlen III Facilities Coordinator
  • Megan Goble Production Artist
  • Chris Hathaway Director of Turf and Grounds
  • Abe Picaso Turf Coordinator
  • Pat Jordan Director of Technical and Broadcast Operations
  • Jeremy Wecker Senior Manager of Broadcast Engineering
  • Aaron Fabis Assistant Broadcast Engineer
  • Christopher Morris AV and Media Assets Coordinator
  • Marquise Wedgeworth Security Officer
  • Logan Schechter Parking and Events Coordinator
  • Michael Pisching Conversion Crew Member
  • Sean Smith Swing Shift Security Officer
  • Jeff Engelken Guest Relations Manager
  • Daniel Robison Project Manager
  • Harmony Aiona Production Artist