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Power Rankings Roundup: Room to improve


_Current ranking: 21_
Last week: 18

Rest-of-season SOS ranking: 7th. The Broncos' toughest remaining game comes in Week 8 at the Chiefs. They currently have just a 20 percent chance to win that game, according to FPI, which is their lowest percentage since the 2011 divisional round against the Patriots. Denver had just a 6 percent chance to win that game and lost 45-10.

_Current ranking: 26_
Last week: 20

Keenum is not the problem, at least not solely. The inability to be competitive outside of the Mile High grounds is. Denver has now lost 11 of 12 away from home. Read that line again.

USA Today

_Current ranking: 24_
Last week: 20

Case Keenum's interception total while playing for Minnesota – 7. Case Keenum's interception total while playing for Denver – 7.

Bleacher Report

_Current ranking: 20_
Last week: 16

Maybe Week 5's blowout loss in New York was the result of a hangover from that game. Maybe it was the trip east for a 1 p.m. start. Or maybe it's just that the Broncos are a middling team on a good day — and this was definitely not a good day.

Mark Maske, Washington Post

_Current ranking: 26_
Last week: 19

The season seems to be slipping away from the Broncos after three straight losses. Falling to the Ravens and Chiefs is one thing; succumbing to the Jets and a rookie QB is quite another. It might not get any better this weekend with the Rams coming to Denver.

Sporting News

_Current ranking: 18_
Last week: 15

Their run defense and passing offense are the biggest concerns with a ton of mistakes costing them.

Pro Football Talk

_Current ranking: 27_
Last week: 21

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