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Power Rankings Roundup

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Power Rankings Roundup: Holding steady


Current ranking: 18
Last week: 17

Rookie snaps leader: LB Bradley Chubb, 197 snaps out of 257 (three games, 76.7 percent). The No. 5 overall pick in the 2018 draft has contributed 1.5 sacks to a pass rush that came into Week 4 averaging 3.0 sacks per game.

Current ranking: 20
Last week: 22

That was a stinger Monday night, no doubt. Despite the loss, the Broncos move up two spots. Applaud the effort, and guts, if not the results in this particular case. The hook-and-ladder is difficult to pull off in any situation. Not sure it was the right call in the moment, although Courtland Sutton might not have maintained possession of his catch at the first-down line. Then again, perhaps he bobbled the Case Keenum throw because he was worried about the subsequent pitch. Many teams have failed at this play since the Dolphins successfully ran the original in that epic '81 Divisional Playoff against the Chargers. Keenum's miss to Demaryius Thomas beforehand will stick to his ribs for a while. Feel for him. Unreal game.

Pro Football Talk

Current ranking: 21
Last week: 21

Case Keenum missed a wide-open Demaryius Thomas for a potential game-winning touchdown.

USA Today

Current ranking: 20
Last week: 20

Defense did decent job containing Mahomes train Monday night, but Denver didn't get big throw from Case Keenum in the clutch.

Bleacher Report

Current ranking: 17
Last week: 18

The Broncos aren't a bad team. They pounded the Chiefs for 159 yards on the ground, averaging over seven yards per attempt. Case Keenum's total of 245 passing yards isn't that impressive, but he also avoided the bad interceptions that have plagued him early in the season.

But in the end, the scoreboard is all that matters. For the second week in a row against a quality opponent and sixth time in a row against Kansas City, Denver came up short.

Mark Maske, Washington Post

Current ranking: 19
Last week: 15

The Broncos did just about everything right Monday night against Mahomes. He's simply too good.

Sporting News

Current ranking: 15
Last week: 20

The Broncos are doing a lot of good things, but the consistency of big plays is missing. A run-heavy approach is still their best bet to keep winning.

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