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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, October 30


Chatfield vs Golden on Friday, October 30 at Jeffco Stadium at 7pm

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MATCHUP Chatfield Golden
LEAGUE Jefferson County Jefferson County
OFFENSE Pro Style Tempo Spread
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Coaching Statistics Chatfield Golden
Head Coach Bret McGatlin Head Coach Jared Yannacito
15th season as head coach 4th season as head coach
21st season as a high school football coach (CO) 12th season as a high school football coach (CO)
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Players to Watch Chatfield Golden
ATH: Mason Lowe QB: Joey Mancuso
DE/T: Campbell Packebush WR/S: Adam Feasel
S: Aiden Kempen G/LB: James Douthit
K/P: Andre Hadad LB: Cambell Thompson

Quotes from Chatfield Head Coach Bret McGatin: On how the season has gone thus far for the Chargers?

BM: Our season so far feels like a 2020 season. We had half our kids in quarantine to start the season so we only had nine practices with the full group. The day we were quarantined was the day we found out the season was a go so it was a quick turn to get ready and we didn't have everyone to start. Not to mention, we had a tough first week with a very good Montrose team. We're just trying to improve each week but that's been tough too as we've been hit very hard with injuries. But at the end of the day, we're out here and that's the most important thing. We're out here doing what we love and we're happy to be back playing football. 

On what he sees in this Friday's opponent, the Golden Demons?

BM: I would tag coach (Jared) Yannacito as one of the top young coaches in the state. He's turned that program around, he's been to the playoffs each year, they've had some big wins and it starts with him. Like us, I think there still trying to figure out their identity but without an offseason, that's been a problem for a lot of programs. But they are a talented team, their good at quarterback and they are very well coached. Friday will be a tough matchup for us but we're looking forward to the challenge. 

On what he would consider a successful 2020 season?

BM: Even though it's been a tough year, our goals remain the same and that starts with building great young men who will one day grow up to be good husbands and fathers. That's what's most important here. But with all the adversity that these kids have had to overcome this year, it shows the character of these kids and it's been one of those years that shows what you're made of.

Quotes from Golden Head Coach Jared Yannacito: On how the season has gone thus far for the Demons?

JY: It's been a tough start but that's to be expected. We opened with Palmer Ridge and they are a really good team. The following week was one of those weeks that every coach has. A game that we feel we gave away because we weren't as prepared as we needed to be. Week 3, we bounced back and beat Wheat Ridge which is one of our rivals and always a tough matchup. But aside from our record, it's been a struggle thus far in finding our identity. Often times, identities are formed during the offseason, team camp and scrimmages, and when you miss all that, finding your identity can take a little longer than you'd like.

On the biggest challenge adapting to COVID-19 and the new fall schedule?

JY: The roller coaster of emotions has been the toughest part. But we're grateful to be playing football and we're trying to focus on that. This year, coaches and players face totally different challenges and each week brings something new. Because of quarantine, we find out last minute each week that one of our players can't play so it's tough to plan for and designate reps at practice because you just never know. Not to mention, we lost a couple coaches this year because we had a couple guys who rearranged their schedules when we thought we were playing in the spring and when the change happened to play fall, that didn't work for everyone. 

On what he sees in this Friday's opponent, the Chatfield Chargers?

JY: So Chatfield is a program that's establish and is always very competitive and very well coached. They've had some really good playoff runs lately so that's a program that has confidence and they're always ready to go. Over the past few seasons for us, we've made the playoffs, we've had some good seasons, but we've never beat Chatfield so that's a great goal for us this year. I expect it to be a very tough, hard fought game and I have a lot of respect for coach (Bret) McGatlin. We'll be ready on Friday and we'll give it everything we have.