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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Monday, April 26


Northglenn vs. Mountain Range

Monday, April 26, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

North Stadium

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Matchup Northglenn Mountain Range
Mascot Norsemen Mustangs
Classification 5A 5A
League North North
Inaugural Season 1966 2008
Football State Titles 1 (1984) 0
Roster Size 70 65
Offense Pro Set / Spread Spread
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Coaching Statistics Northglenn Mountain Range
Head Coach: Matt Dean Head Coach: Todd Riccio
8th season as head coach at Northglenn 4th season as head coach at Mountain Range
21st season as a high school football coach (CO) 17th season as a high school football coach (CO)
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Players to Watch: Northglenn Mountain Range
QB D’Angelo Montoya #8 SR DE River Stout #19 SR
WR Brian Dykstra #5 SO FS Gabe Castille #1 SO
LB Nate Alvidrez #21 SR RB Dylan Sherman #22 SO
LB Jonah Chapel #18 SR

Quotes from Northglenn Head Coach, Matt Dean

On what it's like to play spring high school football?

MD: Well, it certainly started out pretty odd, especially with the weather playing more of a factor than a normal fall season. It's been so cold and wet, that's been a pain over the past month or so. But outside of the weather, we've adjusted pretty well other than feeling just a bit out of rhythm considering we're playing games that count in March and April.

How have the Northglenn players adjusted to a spring season after having the fall cancelled?

MD: You know, they adjusted pretty well. I'm proud of how our team has dealt with the cancelation of fall and playing now in the spring. Our league voted as a whole to push back football to spring and I think our players understand those reasons. The delay just built up more anticipation for our players so once spring rolled around, they were ready to go. And now that we've been back for a couple months, they're just enjoying the game, being out there with each other. They even like practice which is nice.

How have your team goals changed now that you are playing a spring season where most of the state is not playing?

MD: Some goals have changed, others have stayed the same. Like each year, our team goal is to go out a compete for a conference title. That hasn't changed even though we're playing a different schedule this spring. Then you have other goals, like just trying to get in all of your games. Making sure your players stay healthy and making sure you don't miss a game because of positive tests. But overall, we just take it week by week, opponent by opponent and do whatever we can to improve as a team and individually each and every week.

What will it be like to play two high school football seasons in the same year?

MD: Yeah, that's going to be a huge change for us. Our kids will go from a football season, straight into a shortened track or baseball season and then straight into summer break. We're going to lose most of our summer so we're using this time now as a way to replicate what we normally would do over the summertime. But I think this spring could be a great building block not just for us, but for all the teams in season C to get ready for this fall.

What are your thoughts about your team's performance thus far into the season?

MD: We started out pretty hot and had a great game against Hinkley. And then the following week lost a heartbreaker to Westminster. It was a great, competitive game, just couldn't pull it out. We've competed all season, we've had some hiccups here and there but like I said, we've rolled with the punches and keep coming out and playing hard each and every week. There are some things I wish we could do over, but we'll just keep moving forward.

What do you see in Mountain Range as you prepare for this Monday?

MD: Yeah, Mountain Range has had some real competitive games this year and they are a lot tougher than their record shows. They're a tough squad and a great opponent for us so I expect a great game on Monday. Monday night football!

Quotes from Mountain Range head coach Todd Riccio

On what it's like to play spring high school football?

TR: It's been interesting. We've had to be very flexible with a lot of moving targets and guidelines. It's a fluid situation and we know who we have, but we can't always count on everyone to be there with Covid. We've lost kids the day before a game, day of a game, but the kids have been great and resilient throughout. We're very young, a lot of sophomores playing big minutes and it's been a growing process. We're just looking forward to carrying what we've built this spring into the fall

How have the Mountain Range players adjusted to a Spring season after having the fall cancelled?

TR: So early on, CHSAA put out that season C would be played for everyone. Then they offered the fall option. So I offered the fall option up to our kids during the offseason and I let them discuss their options. A majority of our boys wanted to wait and play in the spring so they were on board with season C. So that made the actual shift to spring pretty seamless. Our kids took it upon themselves to get the team ready and prepped over the winter and they had to do all that on their own. But the kids have been so resilient with everything that has been thrown at them this year. We've seen great leadership from freshmen all the way up to seniors.

How have your team goals changed now that you are playing a spring season where most of the state is not playing?

TR: Our league all decided to stay together which was great for everyone, so our opponents in league haven't changed. Our goals are the same. To go out and compete for league titles, get better each and every week and just take one week at a time.

What will it be like to play two high school football seasons in the same year?

TR: Right now we're just trying to make it through spring. And just taking it one day at a time. We have a lot of moving parts and I don't even think our kids even realize that we're going to turn around and play again in the fall (chuckle). But we're just focusing on the now and taking it one day at a time. We're approaching this as we're going to go out and compete this spring and then quickly recharge and get ready to go for fall. Build positive momentum.

What do you see in Northglenn as you prepare for week 2?

TR: Well, Northglenn has become a rivalry game for Mountain Range as our kids have played against their kids since they were a lot younger. Our kids know their kids so it'll be a fun matchup. Their defense plays well, they rally to the ball and they have some excellent talent on offense.