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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, October 7


Lyons vs. Justice

Friday, October 7, 2022

Location: Lyons High School

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Matchup Lyons Justice
Mascot Lions Phoenix
Classification 8-Man 8-Man
League North League 5 8-Man League 5
Football State Titles 2 0
Roster Size 29 12
Offense Power Gun
Defense 3-2-3 3-2-3
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Coaching Statistics Lyons Justice
Head Coach Jason Yantzer Head Coach Nels Thoreson
7th year as head coach at Lyons 10th year as head coach at Justice
24th year as a HS football coach 15th year as a HS football coach
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Players to Watch: Lyons Justice
Miles Dumbauld QB/CB, JR Clayton Hobbs QB/DB, JR
Maregu Sullivan WR/CB, JR Donnovan Reagan Thompson OL/DE/TE, SO
Finn Oetting WR/FS, JR Xavier Royval TE/DE/LB, JR
Henry Johnson OL/DE, JR AJ Vigil WR/DB, SO
Dequlyn Keller RB/MLB, SR

Quotes from Lyons Head Coach Jason Yantzer:

Thoughts on the Lions' season thus far:

JY: Well, we are off to a really good start. We knew we had to come out firing on all cylinders and get some crucial wins early in the season. We had a few games circled on the calendar that we knew would mean a lot and if we got those wins it would help launch us into a good position. We keep preparing week by week for the next challenge and our kids are rising to that challenge.

Has the team exceeded expectations and what are the goals from here on out?

JY: We have had these kids in the program for a long time and we knew they were going to be special as they came through the system. We set a high bar for them and they keep exceeding those expectations so we continue to raise the bar for them and they keep answering. We are taking it week by week but we also understand that we need to try and set ourselves up in the best position we can for the postseason.

What do you like most about this group of players?

JY: These guys are a great bunch of young men. I love how they work for what they want and I really love how they have come together as a team. They love each other and will do whatever it takes for each other and for the program. We have gone through a tremendous amount of adversity the past couple years and it has brought us together that much more. They love the game and they are fighters. They believe in each other and that carries us through some of the rough patches that life throws at us.

How does this team rank compared to other Lyon's teams you've coached and does this team have a championship makeup?

JY: I have had a lot of great kids come through the program that have poured their hearts out for our team but this year's team is different. We have a lot more depth and some really explosive kids. This team has come together better than any team I have had before and they believe in themselves and in each other. They are a tight knit brotherhood that are really close and they are doing whatever it takes to be at their best all the time. We will see how it rolls out in the next few weeks of the regular season. We have our sights on the postseason and then we will take it week by week from there.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Justice:

JY: We are excited to play at home again and also to have the Broncos here. The whole town is buzzing with excitement. As far as the game goes, I have a lot of respect for the coach at Justice and what he does with his kids every year. We will approach the game just like any other and if we get the opportunity then it will be a great time for our younger kids to get on the field under the lights on a Friday night in Lyons.

Quotes from Justice Head Coach Nels Thoreson:

Thoughts on the Justice season thus far:

NT: It's been a battle. We have only three guys with prior high school football experience, so there has been a lot of learning, but our guys are working hard and getting better every practice and every game.

What are the goals from here on out?

NT: Our goal is to finish, what we started, together. A huge goal each year is finishing the season, learning how to be accountable, and learning how to translate the life skills they learn in football to their own lives.

What do you like most about this group of players?

NT: I always tell them it's an honor to be their coach and that I'm fortunate to be able to give them an opportunity to make life-long memories that no one can take away from them. My guys and student managers are warriors. I admire and respect their resiliency and their ability to overcome difficult situations and hardships.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Lyons:

NT: Our team understands the challenge we have this Friday, facing a well-coached, undefeated Lyons team that is currently ranked #6 in the state. They have a lot of really good football players and are continuing to grow and build, which is a testament to their program. We look forward to the opportunity to play under the lights and are grateful to be a part of the Denver Broncos Game of the Week.