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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, September 2


Akron vs. St. Mary's

Friday, September 2, 2022

Akron High School

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Matchup Akron St. Mary's
Mascot Rams Pirates
Classification 8Man 8Man
League Plains 3
Football State Titles 6 0
Roster Size 22 23
Offense Spread Option
Defense 3-1-4 3-2-3
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Coaching Statistics Akron St. Mary’s
Head Coach Jerome Weers Head Coach John Cristelli
10th year as head coach at Akron 3rd year as head coach at SMHS
19th year as a high school football coach 19th year as a high school football coach
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Players to Watch: Akron St. Mary's
Ryan McCaffrey: Jr, QB/S William Trechter: Sr, QB/LB
Ivan Losa: Sr, WR/S Dillon Barrett: Sr, TE/S
Anderson Filla: So, RB/MLB Chris Allen: Jr, C/DE
Jackson Filla: Sr, TE/CB Thomas O'Neill: Jr, RB/C
Wesley Couch: Jr, CB Dominick Martinez: Jr, RB/LB

Quotes from Akron Head Coach Jerome Weers:

Expectations heading into the 2022 season:

JW: My expectations are to work hard every day in practice and to do what we can to control what we can.

Thoughts on the 50 - 26 Week 1 victory over Byers:

JW: It was a good win. Byers is a good team and played us hard. We had to work for a win and that is always good early in the season.

Thoughts on their Week 2 matchup against St. Mary's:

JW: We're going to approach them like we do everyone else. We'll watch film and prepare. They haven't had a team in a couple years and I'm sure their kids are going to be excited to play their first game in 8-man. We will need to match their excitement and come ready to play.

Quotes from St. Mary's Head Coach Jim Cristelli:

*Expectations heading into the 2022 season: *

JC: Being in our first year of 8-man football, we know there is a lot to learn about the game. 8-man has a rich tradition and we understand that we must adapt to the style of play we will see. We expect to play hard, learn as we go and to be competitive.

Thoughts on offseason preparation and practice leading into Friday:

JC: Our offseason was very busy learning a new offense and defense. Practices this week have been a mix of nerves and excitement to get ready for our first game of the season.

What he likes most about this team:

JC: The thing I like most about this team is the brotherhood they are developing. Since we did not have a team last year, they have spent a lot of time building towards this season. They have come together as brothers to make this season a reality.

Thoughts on their Week 2 matchup against Akron:

JC: Akron is the number 2 team in the state, so we are looking forward to a big challenge. They are good on both sides of the ball. We are untested so we will look to stay competitive with them and try to keep it close and hope to make some plays to give us a chance to win.