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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, October 23


Heritage vs Brighton on Friday, October 23 at Littleton Public Schools Stadium at 7pm

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MATCHUP Heritage Brighton
LEAGUE Northern Northern
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Coaching Statistics Heritage Brighton
Head Coach Tyler Knoblock Head Coach Jeff Giger
7th season as head coach 2nd season as head coach
15th season as a high school football coach (CO, OK) 21st season as a high school football coach (CO)
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Players to Watch Heritage Brighton
TE: Terrance Ferguson WR: Eli Bowman
TE: Erik Olsen RB: Vershon Brooks
CB: Cristiano Palazzo DE: Zaine Hood
S: Caden Downs S: Noah Canale

Quotes from Heritage Head Coach Tyler Knoblock: On how the season has gone thus far for the Eagles?

TK: We're currently 0-2, but we've faced two really good football teams in Loveland and Windsor and I'm proud of the way we've handed those challenges. I'm proud of the way we've battled and competed and I just feel that we're ready to break through real soon. Being 0-2 isn't the start that we wanted but we always come out, play tough and compete. We have a lot of football ahead of us and we're going to keep pushing forward.

On the biggest challenge adapting to COVID-19 and the new fall schedule?

TK: It's all been a challenge. This program is deeply rooted in the weight room and in summer and offseason training and to have all that altered has been a huge challenge. Other little things like watching film and watching on-line practice tape have been tough but we have to adapt like everyone else. It's made us have to rethink our practice approach but we need to be comfortable with our preparation and we'll do everything we can to follow the new rules. And while it's been tough, it's also been a blessing to be back on the field with the boys so we're all just happy to be back out there. The players are bringing everything they have each and every day and fall football brings a little normalcy back to life.

On what he sees in this Friday's opponent, the Brighton Bulldogs?

TK: Every team brings a big challenge in this league. We ended up in a totally new league with new opponents and Brighton will present another great challenge for us on Friday. We played them a few years ago with a home and home, but we know that they'll be tough, well coached and we'll have to answer that challenge the best we can.

Quotes from Brighton Head Coach Jeff Giger: On how the season has gone thus far for the Bulldogs?

JG: It's been great and the players have been doing an unbelievable job. With all of the changes that everyone has had to battle, it feels like it effects the adults more than the kids. So far we're 1-1 and we've played two tough opponents in Longmont and Broomfield. We played great and together in week 1 and in week 2 against Broomfield, we just had a few untimely breakdowns that cost us. But the boys are bouncing back but they feel that they had a great shot at winning last week. But overall, I think we're doing better than we expected with all of the challenges that this year brings. The players are just excited to play and that makes it fun for all of us. 

On the biggest challenge adapting to COVID-19 and the new fall schedule?

JG: It was tough. We were able to get out there a little bit and run around but we couldn't do typical offseason football work. But it was great that a lot of the boys managed to get a lot of work in on their own which always makes our job easier when you officially get back to work. The kids handled this situation better than we did but the constant change and unknown made this offseason tough for everyone. At the end of the day, I'm just happy that our seniors get a chance to play because a couple months ago, it wasn't looking good. But so far it's been steady, we have two games in and that's what matters. We often get too caught up in wins and losses but getting out there and playing is what really matters. 

On what he sees in this Friday's opponent, the Heritage Eagles?

JG: I don't know what they have in the water out there but they are huge. They've had a couple different quarterbacks play this year but overall they look very talented and very well coached. They have talented tight ends, they are very big up front and we know they'll be aggressive. We're used to being the smaller team, we just need to match their aggressiveness and physicality on Friday.