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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, Oct. 6th


Briggsdale vs. Peetz

Friday, October 6, 2023

Location: Briggsdale, CO

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Matchup Briggsdale Peetz
Mascot Falcons Bulldogs
Classification 6Man 6Man
League 1A North 1A North
Football State Titles 2 (92, Coop with Grover) 3 (2017)
Roster Size 16 18
Offense Basic / Spread Read Tight T / Spread RPO
Defense 5-1 3-3
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Coaching Statistics Briggsdale Peetz
Head Coach Lance Blickem Dylon Rinaldo
Years as HC 2 1
Years as HS Coach 5 2
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Players to Watch: Briggsdale Peetz
Tanner Fiscus, SR OLB, RB Noah Naegele, SR WR
Dallas Glass, JR MLB RB Chance Segelke, SR QB
Kaeden Gebaeur, JR DE, RB Rhyder Bayne, SO RB

Quotes from Briggsdale Head Coach Lance Blickem:

Thoughts on the Briggsdale season thus far:
So far, I feel like we've played good football. It hasn't been perfect but I'm happy with how we've played through the first five games. We've played some tough opponents and we've had some issues and when you make mistakes against good teams, it's tough to win.

What are the goals for Briggsdale from here on out?
We're always shooting for a league championship. We play in a tough league with tough opponents each week, so winning league is a big deal. Once we get through league, hopefully we can play our best football in the playoffs.

What do you like most about this group of players?   LB: This group is probably as close as a team as we've had. Very little issues between the boys, great chemistry. On the field, I believe we have more true athletes than we've had in a while. And those athletes will be back next year, which is exciting.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Peetz:

LB: I think it'll be a great matchup on Friday. It's fun getting into league. I think we can match up well against their run game but for us to have a chance, we'll have to play great defensively against their receivers. Hopefully we can make some big plays, force some turnovers and come out on top.

Quotes from Peetz Head Coach, Dylon Rinaldo:

Thoughts on the Peetz season thus far:
We're playing well. We're 5-0 and looking to keep that rolling through league. We play in a tough league so each week is a tough matchup. Hopefully we can stay consistent and play our best ball in the playoffs.

What are the goals for Peetz from here on out?
We want to finish strong and save our best for the playoffs. We're pretty senior heavy so it's also very important to all of us to make sure that those seniors go out with a season they can be proud of. For me personally, with this being my first year, it's important for our coaching staff to establish a culture that will set the tone for the players returning next year.

What do you like most about this group of players?   DR: Our senior leadership. They push each other and they push the under classmen to be the best they can be. This group is willing to put in the work necessary for us to be our best.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Briggsdale:

DR: It should be a pretty good matchup. They beat us last year so we're looking for a little pay back. It's a big-league game and for us, if we can win Friday, we'll have a great shot at winning a league title. Should be a fun atmosphere and we're excited the Broncos will be a part of it.