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2019 Power Rankings Roundup: Week 1


Denver will run the ball better when the games count. But in the passing game, a player or two beyond Emmanuel Sanders and DaeSean Hamilton will have to pick up the pace.

If the Joe Flacco experiment is going to work in Denver, the quarterback will need Emmanuel Sanders.

The Ringer

I miss Vic Fangio so much it hurts sometimes. As a Bears fan, I'm familiar with the excellence the Broncos' first-year head coach can craft on defense, and that side of the ball will be the most important factor in Denver's success this season. Outside of New England, Fangio is easily the most inventive defensive mind in football.

Sports Illustrated

The defense is powerful, but is Joe Flacco enough on offense?

USA Today

Watch out for second-year OLB Bradley Chubb, who might ascend to superstar status in new coach Vic Fangio's defense.

Bleacher Report

"There's little doubt the Broncos will play well defensively under new head coach Vic Fangio," he wrote. "And with Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman in the backfield, Denver should be able to run the ball—a combination that will keep the Broncos in a lot of games. The key will be whether Flacco can make a few plays in key situations and avoid making mistakes."

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

The defense should be good with that pass rush, but is the offense good enough? Can Joe Flacco find some of that old magic?

Mark Maske, Washington Post

Hey, didn't you used to be Joe Flacco? John Elway hasn't exactly had a magic touch in recent years in his moves to fill the quarterback void for the Broncos. Those in Denver can only hope Elway hasn't brought in Flacco from Baltimore after the former Super Bowl MVP's productive days in the NFL are behind him.

Sporting News

The Broncos turned to Fangio in an effort to take their Von Miller-led defense back to elite status, and having Bradley Chubb established on the opposite edge is huge. They will be strong in that area, but the offense - in transition with Joe Flacco in the role of bridge quarterback - is hard to trust.

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