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Salute to Service: The stories behind the Broncos' helmet stickers

For Salute to Service month, each Broncos player had the option to represent a specific military service branch on the back of their helmets with the logo sticker of their choice. Many players didn't have personal connections to the branches they picked, but some did. These are some of their stories.


P Riley Dixon

My grandpa was a Marine. He served however many years ago. Both my grandfathers were veterans. My grandfather on my dad's side was a pilot in the Air Force during World War II, and my other grandfather was a Marine during World War II, too. My cousin is actually stationed in Okinawa, [Japan] right now in the Marines. And then one of my college roommates, and I actually went to high school with him, Jack Johnson, he's heading over to Okinawa here pretty soon, so I've got a lot of friends and family in the Marines.

It's awesome. I always let [him] know, "Hey, I've got the Marines sticker on the back of my helmet," and he's super jacked up about it. Last year I had my camo cleats with the USMC on the side. He loved those. I haven't worn them yet this year. I might pull them out this week. Him and my grandpa both love the support, and they're both just huge Marine Corps guys.

TE Virgil Green

My dad was in the Army. He served about 10 years in the military. I just remember being on the Army base, seeing those guys going to work and just thinking about how tough and courageous those guys were. My dad fought, so I support the work my dad did.

It's important because those guys are fighting for the freedoms we have today, the freedom to speak up, the freedom to live our life. It's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and that's what those guys are fighting for.


During Salute to Service month, the Broncos have specific gear to recognize the military, including helmet stickers, captains patches, towels and more.

DE Derek Wolfe**

I picked the Navy because my brother-in-law is in the Navy. He's actually running out of the tunnel with me this game. I've got a family member in the Navy, and I've got a lot of respect for Navy SEALs as well. I think they're a bunch of badasses.

ILB Brandon Marshall

I picked the Navy because my grandfather was in the Navy. He was a great man, my only role model in my life, I feel like. … I think he served in World War II. So that's why I picked the Navy.

I'm just grateful for everybody who's sacrificing their lives so we can have our rights and we can be free and have a democracy. It's a beautiful thing, and I'm extremely appreciative of it.

ILB Todd Davis

One of my older cousins is in the Navy, so I picked them to honor him and what he's doing for our country and his service. 

I think it's just thanking all the men and women that put their lives on the line for us to live this free life, this carefree life that we're able to live here in America. 

CB Brendan Langley

It means a lot, actually. I have a lot of family that have served in the service, in the military. So having that connection with it, I think I have a personal bond with it. I chose ... to represent the Navy on the back of my helmet just because the grit that they have. I've never actually been around them, but all you ever hear is about how dedicated and hard-working SEAL Team Six is. So I feel like when you think about top players in the league, you think about Von, you think about top notches in the military, you think about the Navy. So that's kind of why I chose them.

CB Bradley Roby

I felt like it was only right that I picked something that my brother did. He was in the Air Force, served for at least five or six years. So it's only right.

Every game I like to go in and honor my family by performing good, but the Salute to Service game is definitely a big game, just to [show] our appreciation for the military. There's real problems in the world, real life, real war going on, so thankfully we don't have to worry about that because of them. It's definitely a good opportunity to represent for those guys.


CB Chris Harris Jr.

My father-in-law's in the Navy.

Just recognizing those guys and all those who put their lives on the line for us so we can be able to play. I just salute those guys and being able to do the dirty work for us to be able to have our freedom to do what we want to do out here.

S Darian Stewart

A good friend of mine I grew up with is in the Navy and has been there for about 11 years now. That's the reason I chose them.

It means a lot, just because I appreciate them for serving the country and it's just a part of me, because that's one of my best friends since third grade.

WR Jordan Taylor

It's not anything in-depth other than one of my really good friends growing up from elementary all the way through high school joined the Marines. So I just wanted to show some support for him. That's a small way to do it, obviously.

It's awesome because he represents us year-round and that's what he does for a living. He allows us to do what we do. I can't thank him and everyone else in every branch enough for what they do.

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