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Broncos awarded international home market area in Mexico from NFL


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos have been awarded an International Home Market Area (IHMA) in Mexico, the NFL announced on Wednesday.

In earning the IHMA bid, the Broncos will have access to marketing, fan engagement and commercialization within Mexico as part of an important, long-term, strategic effort build their global brand while driving NFL fan growth internationally.

The IHMA will allow Denver to support its long-standing commitment to its Latinx fanbase. The Broncos, who were one of the first NFL teams to play in Mexico, has had a physical presence in the country for more than 20 years. Within the past six years alone, the team has hosted over 30 in-person events with Fanáticos in Mexico, varying from flag football and cheer clinics, to player trips and virtual calls with fan groups.

Outside of Metro Denver, the largest population of Broncos fans reside in Mexico City. To engage with that fanbase, the club has used it's Spanish-language content team—comprised of five Spanish-speaking talent—to curate podcasts, insider interviews, and dedicated social media pages to connect with international Broncos fans in Spanish.

The IHMA will grant the team the ability to expand its presence across the border, by further developing the aforementioned initiatives, while committing financial and team resources to grow its fanbase in the region.

The Broncos intend to authentically expand its presence in a variety of ways, which include, but are not limited to, developing partnerships with fan-facing local brands, supporting youth football development, holding fan events and launching community outreach initiatives.

As part of the International HMA program, teams will have access to international markets for at least a five-year term, during which a club will have rights to pursue activities in that international market that are consistent with what they can do in their domestic HMA. The Broncos can begin activating in Mexico beginning on Jan. 1, 2022.


"With the help of Joe Ellis, Marisol Villagomez, and so many others, an authentic and expansive effort was made to highlight why the Broncos were deserving of this bid. The Broncos have a very passionate and well-established fan base in Mexico, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to expand our outreach in that region to bring our Fanáticos closer to Broncos Country."


"Over the last 20 years, the Denver Broncos have witnessed the greatest fan base in sports grow in Mexico and with the unwavering support of those fans, the organization has remained one of the top NFL franchises in the country for decades. Broncos Country knows no boundaries and the International HMA is an opportunity that will not only help us continue to engage and connect with our fans in Mexico, but also with our Latino fan base in Colorado. We look forward to the new endeavors the IHMA will provide and feel very appreciative to be included in such an important initiative by the league."


"It is wonderful to know that the Denver Broncos will be part of the NFL International Home Market Area (IHMA) and could have a physical presence in Mexico. The Broncos initiative will strengthen an already great bilateral relationship between Mexico and Colorado, and it will be very welcome for the many Mexican fans of the Broncos in our country. Congratulations!"

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