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Q&A with DBC Lizzi


What made you want to be a Denver Broncos cheerleader?**

When I was a little girl my parents were season ticket holders for the Vikings. I remember going to the games with my dad and watching the cheerleaders on the field. Ever since then I knew that one-day I wanted to be a cheerleader in the NFL. I was drawn to the Broncos because I had heard nothing but good things about the organization. I came out to Denver to visit in March and instantly fell in love with the state of Denver, the whether and the Broncos dance program. I came out to Denver a month later and tried out, then had a job interview and got the job. Four days later I found out I made the team so I moved to Colorado!

How was the audition process?

The audition process was a grind. It was hard and it was stressful. I didn't expect it to be easy because I knew that I was up against some tough competition. When I heard Shawna call my number I remember just squeezing the girls hands next to me because I was so excited. It was surreal. I hadn't officially moved to Denver yet so everything just fell into place and I was very grateful and fortunate that it did.

What is your favorite holiday?


What is your favorite Disney movie?


What is something you cant live without?

Peanut butter.

What is your favorite meal to cook?

Ground turkey tacos.

What is your favorite music genre?


What is your favorite app?


What is your favorite vacation spot?

I want to go to Fiji.

What is your favorite dance style?


What actress would play you in your life story?

Katherine Heigl

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