Q&A with DBC Brielle

Get to know Denver Broncos Cheerleader Brielle!

Rookie season
* Hometown: Parker, Colorado*
* College: Colorado State University, Fort Collins*


TV Shows:** Friday Night Lights, Homeland, So You Think You Can Dance
Song to dance to: "Stanky Legg" by the GS Boyz
Junk food: Pizza and ice cream

Dream car: Range Rover Sport
Color: Orange and blue, duh!

Super Hero: Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Animal: Presa Canarios and Thoroughbreds

Quote: “Everything happens for a reason” or “Be bold, be you, and never stop dancing”

*What does being a Denver Broncos Cheerleader mean to you? *
Being a DBC means everything to me. It means I get to continue dancing and performing when I thought I couldn’t anymore, it means being a role model to my students and showing them that dance can take you anywhere in life. And more than anything, it means that dreams do come true. 

*Who is your hero? *
My hero would have to be my mom. It sounds cliché but no one’s love can compare to a mother’s and I wouldn’t be where I am at today without her. 

*Tell us about the first concert you’ve ever been to? *
The first concert I ever went to was The Fray at Red Rocks. I remember it pouring rain but still loving every minute of it.

What is your dream vacation destination?
Dream vacation would have to be Italy and Europe.  I am Italian so it is only right for me to go explore my homeland!

In 10 years I see myself…
…with one of those beautiful Super Bowl rings on my hand! And of course, continuing to grow my dance studio and inspiring dancers of all ages.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I grew up wanting to become a professional dancer and eventually open up my own studio. Who knew I would be doing both of those already!

What advice would you give your younger self?
I would tell myself to not stress the little things.  As a dancer, I was born a perfectionist, but sometimes it is ok to go with the flow and trust that what is meant to be, will be.