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Nuggets' Coach Malone finds common ground with Gary Kubiak


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — **New Nuggets Head Coach Michael Malone liked what he saw of the Broncos' training camp practice on Monday, taking away good impressions of the team's energy and even a scouting opportunity on QB Brock Osweiler.

"I heard he was a great high school basketball player, so if he wants to come over and help us out, he's more than welcome," Malone joked.

View the top photos from the Broncos return to the practice field at UCHealth Training Center.

Malone was joined by members of the Nuggets' coaching staff and front office as they took in practice from the sideline. Afterward, Malone met Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak and they bonded over their similar situations with each taking the reins as second-time head coaches in their first years at Denver NBA and NFL franchises.

"We talked about myself getting fired in Sac[ramento] and when he got fired in Houston and it really does make you stronger and makes you a better coach the next opportunity you get," Malone said. "And I talked to him about how he delegates to his staff and how he trusts his coaches to do their jobs and obviously he's able to kind of step in whenever he sees fit and so we talk about that, how you handle your coaching staff, and just really the coaching lifestyle."

From a coaching standpoint, Malone noted how motivated and energized the players were on Monday and their focus days after Friday's game against the Seahawks.


"I was impressed with how hard the players worked," Malone added. "I know they had a good game against Seattle and they came out here and spent some time on special teams, which I think was probably the one area they struggled in a little bit in the game. But seeing the effort and Coach Kubiak talked about the leadership they have and how important internal leadership is with your team. It's the same thing for us in the NBA."

After practice Malone and the Nuggets staff took a quick tour of the UCHealth Training Center and remarked that he'll have to add a new NFL allegiance.

"I've always been a Steelers fan but now I have to become a Broncos fan and spending the day here, they obviously have a lot of special people in the organization," Malone said, "and it's always good to talk to other pro coaches that live the life and understand what we go through, no matter what sport you're in."

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