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Miller keeps eyes on the prize in Von's Vision glasses gifts


DENVER —** Von Miller's got to keep his eyes on the prize, both on the field and off it with his Von's Vision foundation. The organization focuses on helping Denver's youth with getting them eye exams and eyewear.

On Wednesday, Miller brought in dozens of children to the visitors' locker room at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to receive the prescription glasses they were examined for earlier this spring, which helped 170 underpriviliged kids.

Von Miller's charity Von's Vision distributed glasses for dozens of children on Wednesday.

"I really can't put it into words," Miller said of what being able to do all this for kids means to him. "It's very important. It's a lot of kids that didn't even know that they had problems seeing. You know, they just thought it was a normal day at school."

Miller, who is no stranger to the stylish dynamics of how glasses can not only change one's vision for the better, but their confidence, as well, noted that effect it could have for many of the children.

"Getting glasses on these kids' faces, it helps change the whole environment of what school is supposed to be like and what it's supposed to look like from their point of view. It definitely gives me warm feeling, giving these kids glasses and giving them a new sense of confidence going into the classroom," he added.

Dozens of thrilled children got glasses that not only were specified to improve their vision, but got frames that fit them, too. But they were easily more excited about being able to meet with star pass rusher to ask him questions, get their shirts autographed and even take some photos together.

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