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DBC Sam's Pro Bowl Blog: Day 3

Check out photos from Sam's Pro Bowl experience in Phoenix.

Hi Broncos Country! The days here in Phoenix just keep getting better! Today was filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

We started bright and early with an all team breakfast followed by some incredibly inspirational stories told by Ron Kellum and Maria Giannini. Ron and Maria have worked with the Pro Bowl cheerleaders for multiple years, and I learned that they are incredible individuals who run an amazing program.

We quickly piled into buses and arrived in Tempe at The Buttes where all 25 women got a little bit of "rock climbing" in as we scaled a steep hill and unstable terrain to stage our Pro Bowl Cheerleader team photograph. There were jumping cactus plants all over and they launched and attached themselves to people as they passed by! I've never seen anything like it, yikes!

The scenery at the photo shoot was unbelievably gorgeous, but the wind was made it a bit challenging. Heavy gusts of wind were tipping us off our balance as we stood up on high, rocky ledges. Hair was blowing every which way. It was very cold standing against the wind, but we all worked together, encouraged one another to think positive warm thoughts, and we ended up taking a phenomenal group photo together!

After that we each filmed an individual introduction video where we stated our name and team. These videos will be played during the beginning of the Pro Bowl game on Sunday as we are introduced.

Lastly, at the Top of the Rock restaurant in Tempe we did a quick photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. We did all of this before 11 a.m.!

Following a quick lunch break, all 25 women joined together for a 5 hour team practice. Everyone reviewed and performed the seven dance routines we were asked to prepare prior to arriving in Arizona and we learned choreography for a new pregame performance. Everyone was dressed in practice attire representing their team colors. It was great seeing all the team spirit!

Then the cheerleaders were drafted for their Pro Bowl teams -- either Team Carter or Team Irvin. I was picked for Line 1 with Team Irvin and couldn't be more excited especially since we have so many Broncos players drafted by Michael Irvin's team!

After we finished practicing I went to dinner with the ladies who were also drafted in Line 1 for Team Irvin -- Alice (Falcons), Nicole (Cowboys), Alicia (Eagles), and Kaylee (Vikings). We had such a blast getting to know each other better!

What the coming day has in store for us is a field practice at the stadium and some one on one time with an incredibly special youth program here in Phoenix. Check back tomorrow for more on that and other updates!

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