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Day at Colorado legislature an inspiration for Chris Harris Jr.

DENVER — Ahead of the team's trip to the White House to receive congratulations from the president, Chris Harris Jr. got a little political tune-up when he visited the Colorado State Capitol Wednesday to receive an honor on behalf of the Broncos and to speak to the general assembly on its final day of a four-month legislative session.

"I don't know if the White House is going to be so in-depth like this was," Harris said. "I'm looking forward to going there because I haven't been there, but this was awesome today."

CB Chris Harris Jr. took a trip to the Colorado House of Representatives and Senate to receive an honor on behalf of the Broncos. (photos by Ben Swanson)

Harris began in the Colorado House of Representatives, signing autographs and taking photos, and when the group reconvened after a brief recess, they passed a resolution honoring Harris' accomplishments as a player and a community ambassador, as well as the Broncos' major accomplishment of winning Super Bowl 50.

"Just being able to represent the Broncos, that's the most important thing: trying to be a leader out here and set an example," Harris said.

From there Harris took a short walk over to the Senate, where he listened to legislative discussions before they also honored him and the team.

And as much as the representatives and senators were thrilled to meet him, it was a feeling shared by him.

"They're so accomplished; they do so much for our city, for our state," Harris said. "There hadn't been a player to go up there and speak in front of them, so to have that honor to do that and to do that in front of them was amazing."

The experience was one to remember and one he had never really imagined, but one Chris Harris Jr. would love to do again.

"I'm thankful that they chose me to do this, and I just want to win [the Super Bowl] again," he said. "It just makes me hungrier to repeat."

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