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CSU students from Broncos Sports Management Institute give presentation


CSU students from the Denver Broncos Sports Management Institute gave a presentation on Jan. 24.

DENVER — **On Jan. 24, four students from the Denver Broncos Sports Management Institute at Colorado State University visited Sports Authority Field at Mile High, where they presented ideas to support fan engagement.

The topics at hand included how to attract millennials to attend games — as opposed to consuming games solely through technology — and creating new ways for fans to engage with the team on game days.

"The primary benefit to the students was receiving real world feedback and coaching from a room full of Broncos business executives, and the primary benefit to the Broncos was to gain some insights from college students who are bringing a different perspective to our approach to marketing and sponsorship initiatives," said Darren O'Donnell, Vice President of Business Development.

CSU students Carlee Craddock, Dean Klinkerman, Kevin Ware and Carrie Monroe answered these questions by implementing mobile technology into concessions sales and developing more game-day events and in-stadium promotions.

"We were proud to host the students from the Denver Broncos Institute at CSU," O'Donnell said. "The group did a great job in presenting many ideas to our team on topics like enhancing our game day experience for fans, marketing promotions and technology in sports."

The presentation was part of the Broncos' partnership with CSU, which gives students in the program first-hand experiences learning from team employees through trips to the Broncos' offices or via visits from team employees to the school. Ultimately, the students can graduate with greater knowledge of how a major sports team like the Broncos works and the experience can help them make their own path in the industry.

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