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Colorado governor, Denver mayor bestow state, city honors on John Elway

Family, friends and colleagues -- including Denver's mayor and the governor of Colorado -- surrounded surrounded John Elway for his Community Enrichment Award ceremony. (photos: Gabriel Christus)

DENVER — At the Mizel Instittue annual dinner, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Denver mayor Michael Hancock surprised John Elway — and perhaps the entire state — with a pair of honors.

From the governor, Elway received a state-wide proclamation that May 24, 2017, would forever be known as John Elway Day.

To honor Elway's contributions to the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club, Hickenlooper and Hancock announced the honors with the help of four members from the club.

"He's inspired not only my generation but the generation after me and the generation that's coming up now," Hickenlooper said. "And one organization that a lasting impact on is the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club."

Then Hickenlooper, with the help of the club members, read the proclamation:


Whereas John Elway has elevated Colorado's professional sports landscape throughout his stellar career with the Denver Broncos, helping to create a dedicated fan base and team beloved by sports fans across the country.

Whereas quarterback John Elway led the Broncos to five Super Bowl appearances and two world championships, including their first-ever Super Bowl win

Whereas John Elway took the Broncos to their third world championship in 2015 with a win against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

Whereas John Elway is a champion for kids and others in need and has been devoted to many causes, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Whereas due to his lifetime of impact, John Elway is being honored with the Mizel Institute Community Enrichment Award for his contributions to the community and his continued work to enhance the lives of others

Therefore I, John W. Hickenlooper, governor of the entire state of Colorado do hereby proclaim forever after May 24, 2017 as John Elway Day.


From the mayor, the Broncos' Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager received one of Denver's gold challenge coins, with the mayor joking, "We don't give away keys to the city, John. Too many people breaking in."

Quips aside, Hancock also added candor with some remarks from his heart.

"There are very few people, and I mean this sincerely, who have left as indelible a mark on our state, our city — heck, our nation — as you have," Hancock said. "When I think about our city and the never-say-die, never-give-up, the-game-is-never-over-until-the-clock-says-so [spirit], it goes right back to you."

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