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Cheerleaders spotlight: DBC Breanna

Meet Breanna, a rookie Denver Broncos Cheerleader.


Hometown: I am a "military brat" that was born in Texas and I have since lived many places, but I call Colorado Springs my home.

College: Pikes Peak Community College

Occupation: Paraprofessional

Nickname: Bre or Birdie

Zodiac sign: Scorpio


Movie/TV Show: "The Princess and the Frog" / "Friends"

Song to dance to: I will dance to just about anything!

Junk food: Buttered popcorn and Mountain Dew!

Dream car: Pink Lamborghini Huracán

Color: Blue

Superhero: Iron Man

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Animal: Giraffe

Quote: "The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work." — Princess Tiana, "The Princess and the Frog"

Get to know Breanna:


What does being a DBC mean to you?** The ability to be able to meet and perform for the best fans in the NFL means the world to me! But it's also more than that. To me, being a DBC means representing an organization that holds itself to a high standard. Not just from a dance/cheer perspective but also in giving back to the community and being a role model within the community.

Who is your hero? My hero is my Grammy! She has been there for me since Day 1. She came to all of my dance competitions and recitals as I was growing up, always cheering me on and supporting me through everything. I admire her because she is one of the strongest, sweetest and intelligent women I know.

Tell us about the first concert you went to? My twin brother, some friends and I went to see Lil Wayne at Fiddler's Green. Not only was Lil Wayne there but so were Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Lil Jon. We had so much fun!

If there were a movie made about your life, which celebrity would you want to play you? Who would play your parents? I'm thinking maybe Alicia Keys or Rihanna for the younger me and Vanessa Williams as I get older. I think it would be so cool to have Dwayne Johnson play my dad and Sandra Bullock play my mom.

What is your dream vacation destination? Anywhere with a warm beach and way too much sun!

When did you first start dancing/cheerleading? I started dancing when I was 4 years old.

In 10 years I see myself… I want to have my degree in Child Development/Secondary Education and work specifically in special education.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a nurse like my Grammy!

What advice would you give your younger self? Always keep your word, always do your best, and be the person everyone can trust.

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