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Broncos host Colorado Avalanche tour, workout


Members of the Colorado Avalanche's past three draft classes and young signings toured the Broncos facility and even got in a workout on Tuesday.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** With many of the Broncos players out of town getting rest and preparing for training camp in less than a month, the Dove Valley practice facility got a visit from some friends who also have a pair of championships to their name.

The Colorado Avalanche brought a couple dozen of their players, draft picks from each of the last few years, to not only tour the facilities but also to learn a bit about nutrition, cooking and to get in a short workout.

However, the workout was a bit of a surprise.

The players swapped out the ice for the turf at the new fieldhouse, and after a few agility drills and sled pulls, they really got to work doing a workout of timed shuttle runs. The expanse of the fieldhouse wowed when the players arrived but that quickly wore off when they had to focus on the conditioning they did in it.

There were also stations in the Broncos' cafeteria, one for learning how to make post-workout recovery shakes and one to learn some cooking basics. Some already knew the basics, but it never hurts to brush up on the correct way to safely hold and use a chef's knife. The kitchen crew also taught the players culinary basics about handling raw chicken and meat, seasoning them properly and how to cook them on the grill and stovetop.

From seasoning their food to seasoning their conditioning at the indoor facility, the Avalanche's young players got a taste of NFL life and how they can apply it.

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