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Through My Eyes: Shelby Harris focuses on moving forward after big FG block

My road in the NFL has been a crazy process — It's been a roller coaster, up and down, up and down. I'm truly blessed to just be in this position, and hard work and determination just helped bring me along throughout this. I've never given up.

Being cut six times is not fun. A lot of people would've quit. But you've just got to keep going.

That work paid off Monday night against the Chargers. I found out Saturday that I was going to start, and I was all smiles. It was my first start, and I was just happy to do anything to help the team.

And playing Monday night in front of those fans? It definitely lived up to my expectations.

The field goal block came at the end of the game, but it had been set up over the course of the game.

I really thought we were going to block three of their field goals. If you see the film, on every field goal we were getting in the backfield. On the final attempt, it was good teamwork and good communication that allowed us to make that play.

I wasn't completely shocked that I was able to get a hand on the ball. If someone would have told me a year or two ago that I'd block a game-tying field goal, I really wouldn't have been surprised. I blocked one in the FCS playoffs when I was in college at Illinois State to end the game. It's happened before, so it wouldn't have been the most surprising thing.

Joe Woods went to my alma mater, so I've known about Joe Woods since then. Just having that familiarity with Joe Woods and Marcus Robertson, it's just great having a familiar face here that knows you work hard and knows you're about your business. It's calming.

But back to the game. In the dogpile afterward, I couldn't breathe. I'm over here trying to catch my breath. Wolfe is over here shaking me — and I'm like, "What is going on?" Then I was just bouncing up and down. It was crazy, man. It was crazy. Everyone was just excited.

It wasn't just my teammates who were excited. I could hear everyone going nuts in the stadium. They were going crazy. But they were going crazy the whole game. I really expected nothing less.

I let myself enjoy the play that night. I enjoyed it with my wife, and then the next day, you're pretty much going right back to work because it's a short week.

As I look ahead, I've got to get sacks. It's pretty simple. I just need to keep playing within the defense, not do too much and just play in my technique and keep the course.

That's the only way to have another moment like Monday night.

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