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Through My Eyes: Tim Patrick's first catch is one he — and Broncos fans — will never forget


My mindset was simple: Make a play.

Coach was telling me, "Stay ready." I was like, "Coach, I got you. I'm gonna make a play."

And then he put me in.

When the ball came my way, my first thought was, "Get out of bounds." But I knew I had enough time to go up the field. As soon as I caught the ball, I felt the cornerback was behind me, just by the way he was playing defense. I knew I could go inside and get enough yards to get us into field-goal range.

I heard everybody was saying, "He's trying to score! He's trying to score!" Nah, I was just going up the field. And once I saw it was one-on-one with the safety, I made a break for the sideline.

We have complete trust in Case. One-hundred percent. We knew all we needed was a shot. Our defense just needed to stop them. Once our defense stopped them, we were very confident we were gonna get down there and score.

With a kicker like Brandon, I knew I sealed the game. That's why you saw me — once I made the catch and got out of bounds, man — I headed straight to the sideline. I knew it was Brandon's turn to finish the game off, and that's exactly what he did.

It was a great way to get my first catch. It was either gonna be that or a touchdown. So I'll take either one of those options.

On the sideline, it was a rush. It was just everyone was screaming, saying "Big time, man, getting out of bounds."

I didn't really soak it in. I don't really remember much. I just remember sitting down on the cooler, just like, "Brandon's gonna make this… And then I have to go out on special teams, so I have to forget about it."

After the game Sunday, my phone was blowing up. It was blowing up all day Monday, too.

I'm not really surprised I made the play, but I've watched it a lot — I'm not gonna lie. It's my first catch, man. Things like that, you don't forget.

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