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Through My Eyes: Bradley Roby has 'a beautiful opportunity'


Any time you lose a player like Chris Harris Jr., it's not going to be easy.

But our mentality on this team is "next man up."

We're on a three-game win streak, so it's going well. We're just trying to keep it up one day at a time and one play at a time.

We've just been hustling and playing hard no matter what. No matter what happens in the play —you can lose a play at the snap — you have to play until the while blows. Like Will Parks' fumble against Pittsburgh. Everything about that play looks like a touchdown: wide-open guy running to the end zone, and then Will's hustle allowed a turnover. That's all turnovers are, just hustle.

I feel like "1-0" is something the young guys especially understand. It's something that's coming down from Coach Joseph, the head guy. It's something he's stressing. It's something that we've embodied. It's been helping us out. It's been working.

I think that's something that's coming from the top, and I'm going to enforce it.

If anything bad happens on Sunday, I'm going to go tell them, 'Hey, that play is over. Let's win the next play.' It's a full game. It's four quarters. You don't lose the game in the first quarter or on the first play. Things always happen, and you've got to always stay locked in. You've got to always stay focused.

With every team in the NFL, you can lose any game. Every game has to be approached with the same seriousness and focus. A lot of people weren't expecting us to do anything early on this season, and you see how we came along. Any team can get on a run at any time. It's going to be big that we play our keys and have great eyes.

I felt like I took over a leadership role a little bit last week, just helping Isaac Yiadom with alignments and what we're going to do if they do this and do that, making checks at the line and stuff like that. I'm just keeping his mind focused on the game and keeping him encouraged. 

Regardless of my role, my preparation for Sunday doesn't change. I'm just going to do my job. I never feel like there's No. 1 cornerback or No. 2 cornerback. It's left or right to me. I'm going to hold my side down, help Isaac do what he can to hold his side down and just go from there.

I look forward to Sunday. It's a beautiful opportunity for me as I'm getting older in this league.

It's a good chance to show my leadership and show what I can do.

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