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Through My Eyes: Ryan Harris tunes out distractions


I always think of Sundays like a test. You always want to study as much as you can leading up to it so you have your answers and, in this business, play fast.

Each morning before a game I go over different keys, specific to the game and myself. Then I set goals and reminders.


My goals this week against the Browns were to be aggressive, be quick and to have fun. I think in this game you can easily get bogged down by information and expectations. You should have your goals. Know your points. Know what you're supposed to do. But more than anything else, have fun playing football. It makes it all worthwhile. 

In the week before the Cleveland game, offensively, we wanted to improve in the run game, make big plays in the pass game and contribute to a win.

You come into this building, you step onto that field, you're in the game and you have to focus on the technique, the execution and the idea behind what you want to accomplish. All of that has nothing to do with other people's wants or needs. It has everything to do with you as an individual player, you as a part of the offense, and you as a part of the team. Doing what you need to and want to do to succeed.

Before a game during warmups, I always think of anything outside of the white lines as things that don't matter at that time. I work on my hands, work on hearing the sounds that I need to hear from the quarterback and my lineman, and go from there. 

The game on Sunday was hard-fought and for the first time this season, went into overtime. All we were thinking was, Let's go get this win.

I really can't say enough about No. 8. Our kicker, Brandon McManus, he puts it through the uprights.


In the end, we did what we needed to do and the awesome thing is there's still room for improvement.

After the game, the whole locker room was fired up. We were definitely excited. I think some players were in shock. It was quite a finish.

We've had a couple of those finishes already this season, but that was unique and we were just so happy to get out of there with a win.

At the time, I didn't realize that I had just played in my 100th game. Nine years in the league, 100 games and I'll never forget this one.

I started my career with the Broncos in 2007 and I have had so much fun playing this game. I feel so lucky to be playing after the injuries I've had and come back from. To be here right now, it's a brand new season for me, because of all the circumstances in my life and as a player that have gotten me to this point.

I think there's a real willingness to do whatever it takes to win on this team -- more than any other team I've been on. 

We're excited about getting to where we want to be and we're excited about what that road's going to look like.

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