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Through my eyes: Emmanuel Sanders recounts his first TD of the 2016 season

My first touchdown of the 2016 season was a long time coming.

I hadn't scored a touchdown in like eight or nine weeks. So, naturally once I found the end zone, I had to do something special.

When I finally scored on a 41-yard reception from Trevor Siemian, I was just ecstatic. I was so excited. I remembered that one of my ex-teammates with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown, had been popping it after he scored. So, I was like alright let me go ahead and bust out a twerk — but only two pumps. I sent it to him after the game, and he was just like, "Man, you're crazy." But this was just the start of what would be a breakout game for me and Demaryius Thomas. Reporters after the game kept asking us if we thought the Bengals' defense was trying to force us to beat them through the air which is why we were both able to post 100-yard games, but I didn't even notice it. I never notice it. I just go out there and play football. I don't know what defenses are doing.

All I know is if I see a cornerback in front of me, I don't care if the ball is coming or not. On film, it's going to show that I'm kicking your butt.

And I did. And Demaryius did. That's just why we pride ourselves on being the number one wide receiver duo in the National Football League.

It felt so good for Demaryius to get to 100 yards, too. In fact, it almost felt a little too good. I was so excited when he broke 100 yards that I ran and jumped and this dude almost knocked me out. I almost got injured, sent to the training room just for trying to chest bump D.T.  I didn't realize how strong he was!

It's what makes us so good, though. We genuinely want the best for each other because we truly believe we're the best. We go out and work hard like we're the best. And we're not just saying it. Statistically, it shows that we're the best.

We always hear about our defense, which is deserving of all the praise it receives. But every week in the locker room we've got the TVs on and it's always defensive players up there. I keep telling the offensive guys, 'Hey, look, that's not fair!' We've got a powerful offense and some offensive guys deserve to be up there. But we don't want to just be up there, we want to deserve to be up there.

Well, after Sunday, we earned our right to have our faces up on TV screens for a change.

Like my boy Prime says, "if you ball, you get the call."

We balled on Sunday, but it's still early in the season. I'm expecting at least three or four more games where D.T. and I both get 100 yards and a couple touchdowns.

Sunday's game proved to everyone around the league that yeah, we may have a good defense, but we've got a really good offense, too. We're versatile. We can run the football. We can throw the football. Right now, I feel like we have a great shot at making the playoffs and going on a run and possibly being a better team than last year.

Everybody has to stay healthy. Everybody has to stay focused. We have to be locked and loaded so we can still work hard and maybe we can attain that goal.

I may have had two touchdowns last Sunday against the Bengals and 117 yards, but that just means this Sunday, I'm going to go out there and try to have a 200-yard game.

You never become satisfied or stagnant in this league. You're always working.

Then, if you ball, you get the call.

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