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Through My Eyes: Emmanuel Sanders explains the 'E Leap'

On my first touchdown against the Cowboys, it was a good call by Mike McCoy. Obviously, our run game set us up. C.J. is ranked second right now in rushing yards, so obviously everybody's trying to load the box. They loaded the box and we tried to go play-action. Even though it wasn't a clean play-action, they still bit on the run and the 'backers stepped up a little bit. My job was to take my time, work on the corner. I worked on the corner, gave him a hard jab to the left and broke it in. And Trevor just dropped a dime right over the 'backer's head, so it was just a beautiful play. It can't get any better than that.

After I scored, I went and jumped up into the crowd. I don't know if that will become a new tradition. I don't plan it. Everybody's talking about this new dance rule, but I don't really care to dance. I don't really care to do all that. I'm about winning games, and obviously I've got the Mile High Salute. Obviously, I love to do that, because I know Broncos fans love that. But I guess jumping into the stands would be called the "E Leap."

Our day on offense was huge. I'm from Texas, so to have the Cowboys come into town and play against them and have it be "America's Game" and be able to beat them and call all my cousins who are Cowboys fans and talk smack to them, it was a good week for sure.

Not only that, but it was my mom's birthday, so it was a perfect day. It was awesome to be able to score twice on her birthday. The last time I played on my mom's birthday was vs. Kansas City in 2015, and I had two touchdowns. This time vs. the Cowboys, I had two touchdowns, so I'm starting to see that my guardian angel, on her birthday, she wants me to score two touchdowns.

Overall, I'm encouraged by the first couple weeks. The goal is to score as many points as we can. Obviously, drives have stalled in the fourth quarter, and we can't allow that to happen anymore. We can't allow that. So we've got to keep getting better. In the fourth quarter, we've got to close out games.

Obviously, offensively this year, we're a lot better. That's what I'm excited about. We're able to score points. Last year, it was like, "All right, this team could be good, but offensively, they have to pick it up a little bit more." So hopefully we're able to continue to do that.

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