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Through My Eyes: Derek Wolfe returns to form

The hardest part about training when I was suspended the first four games was getting my body used to the impacts that I was going to take.

You can get as strong or as fast as you want, but you have to get used to the impacts. That was thing that I had to get used to coming back. The initial bruising that kind of healed over those four weeks and then I had to break it back down. 

That was the hard part. The worst part was watching them play and not being able to play.

It was hard to train without my teammates beside me. You can't replace that feeling when you're alone. You just do without it. You have to keep in your mind that nothing's going to change. I told myself that I had to come back and just be better than when I left.

That's all I thought the whole time. How can I get better during these four weeks? What can I do to make myself a better player?

During my time away, this team's resiliency stuck out to me when I was watching the games. No matter what happens, we were going to come out on top. We're going to do everything we possibly can to come out on top.

That's the character of this team as a whole — offense, defense, special teams. It was impressive to watch. I loved watching it – but I hated watching it. You love seeing them do great but you're ticked off that you can't be out there.

After two road games, my first game at home was Sunday night, and it was hard. Especially playing here in the altitude, I could feel it.

The Broncos topped the Green Bay Packers to remain undefeated. Here are the best shots of the win.

What makes Green Bay's quarterback Aaron Rodgers so good is his elusiveness. He's so good at hiding behind offensive lineman and making you miss, then getting out of the pocket and making something happen.

Our secondary did an unbelievable job of staying on guys so they weren't open. There were times that we didn't get to him and he was in the backfield running around for 10 seconds. That's a lot of work for a defensive back.

Rodgers is also really good at getting defenses to jump offside. We had one offside penalty, a couple in the back end and the one personal foul. But those just come from people playing hard. Those are going to happen and the more you can clean those up, think about how great we can actually be. They got us one time and that's too much, but we'll clean all that up.

We can be better than that. We made a lot of mistakes. We can be even better than when we played Sunday night. The rushing yards could have been way down there, too. We let them pop a couple. Rodgers scrambled twice and then Lacy got free on a couple draw plays, but if we take four plays out of the game, we didn't give them anything.


This team is really close. We're all like family. You've got to do your job for the guy next to you and that's what's important: making sure you get your job done for the guy next to you.

This is an equal opportunity team. Our defense is set up so everybody can make plays.

This season we're doing a great job. Everyone from the front seven to the backend is playing great defense. On Sunday our offense helped us out keeping us off the field the whole game. We had the least amount of snaps all year.

Now this weekend we play the Indianapolis Colts. Last year, they knocked us out of the playoffs, so I feel a certain type of way about them. It's going to be nice to go out and play again. We're going to try to get back at them, take that win back.

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