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Through My Eyes: Chris Harris Jr. looking for one win that can spark a run

You can't let a loss linger too long.

After the game, of course you're going to be frustrated, but every week it's a new challenge and you've got to refocus and try to get a win — each and every week.

We've got to just keep pushing. You've got to get over some hurdles to be able to win games in this league. Every game is a learning experience, but we have to try to limit the mistakes and don't beat ourselves.

The Broncos' preparation for the Eagles is underway. (Photos by Gabriel Christus unless noted)

Coach Joseph has shared the truth with us every week, and a lot of times we've beaten ourselves. He brings the stats to us, he lets us know what we need to do. It's not an effort thing at all. Guys are playing extremely hard and that's a positive thing right there.

On defense, I'd say we're being very dominant in spurts. I think on third down, different situations, we've been great, and we can still pick up more sacks, more turnovers. We've had higher numbers in that in the past, but I think we're still playing at a high level and we're still a great defense.

This week, we can't give up explosive plays. I think everybody has to be on the same page in every coverage. You've got to know who their explosive guys are: Torrey Smith, Nelson Agholar, Zach Ertz. Those guys have probably had a lot of those explosive plays, so we've really got to stop those guys.

And even though Carson Wentz has been playing great, young quarterbacks take a lot more chances. He's a guy that doesn't even slide. He tries to run over everybody, and he forces the ball in there a couple times, but he feels like he can make every throw. When you have a young guy, they'll try it until they make mistakes. So with a guy like Carson, you've got to try to make him pay when he does.

Whether Aqib Talib and the "No-Fly Zone" can put a halt to Carson Wentz's fast start is just one of the key matchups that may decide Sunday's big game in Philadelphia.

In 2011, when we didn't get off to a great start, we just needed a spark. We just needed something to get everybody going, and it took one win. All it takes is that one win and we can get it back rolling.

Once you win that first game, it changes the whole mindset of a team.

And we still have a lot of games left. KC still has to come in, we've still got to go to Oakland. So we can still catch up in some of those division games.

But we've just got to win that first game.

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