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The Pro Bowl Push: Von Miller's teammates detail his case

With **voting for the 2019 Pro Bowl underway**, it's our job to make sure Broncos fans are as well informed as possible before they do their civic NFL duty. So, to provide valuable perspective for the outstanding seasons some of the Broncos' top players are putting forward this year, we asked their teammates (or coaches) why they should make the Pro Bowl.

"Von is a Pro Bowl player because of the reckless abandonment that he brings to the football game. There's nothing that you can do to stop him, but you can slow him down. And those are the types of guys you want on your all-star team. But also, as he's matured, he's somebody that can lead vocally, not just lead by example, but talk to the guys, get 'em up, get 'em going to make those guys exceed their own expectations. And I would say that's why Von is a great, great Pro Bowler." — Pass Rush Consultant and former outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware

"I think it's all the things that he can do on the field and all the attention that he requires. There's so many things that teams can't do against us, because they have to worry about what he's doing. I think when you have a player like that, that everybody has to worry about, that you game-plan strictly against, that's a Pro Bowl player." — inside linebacker Todd Davis

"I feel like Von is a Pro Bowler because he's probably one of the most dynamic players on the defensive side of the ball, whether it be getting interceptions, causing fumbles, getting sacks, making tackles 50 yards down the field. Whatever it takes, he's one of those guys — one of the very few guys who can really play any position on the field and be successful.

"He's going to get votes regardless, but vote for Von anyway!" — outside linebacker Bradley Chubb

To vote for Von Miller and the rest of your favorite Broncos,click here. You can also vote on Twitter by Tweeting #ProBowlVote with either the player's first and last name (#ProBowlVote Von Miller), their Twitter handle (#ProBowlVote @VonMiller) or their full name as a hashtag (#ProBowlVote #VonMiller).

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