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The Pro Bowl Push: Why voting for Todd Davis 'should be a no-brainer'

With **voting for the 2019 Pro Bowl underway**, it's our job to make sure Broncos fans are as well informed as possible before they do their civic NFL duty. So, to provide valuable perspective for the outstanding seasons some of the Broncos' top players are putting forward this year, we asked their teammates why they should make the Pro Bowl. This time, we spoke to Todd Davis' teammates, who think is flying under the radar as a Pro Bowl-caliber player.

"Everyone has their different opinions of Pro Bowls of who should go and who shouldn't go, and it's not taking away from the guys that do make it, because they obviously deserve it, but I think Todd should be, like, [a] first-round Pro Bowl [selection]. He directs all the traffic, he reads plays — it's almost like Luke Kuechly-ish. He reads a play and just goes, because he's so confident from film and studying. Literally like nine-and-a-half times out of 10, it's the exact play he's thinking it is, and he's making TFLs [tackles for loss], he's avoiding two blockers and getting to tackles. He's playing at a really high level. If you ask me, it should be a no-brainer." — safety Justin Simmons

"Todd's coming downhill and just laying some wood. The fact is, when someone comes and hits the running back before the line of scrimmage, more than likely, he's not going to make it more than a yard or two. Todd's coming downhill and making big hits all the time, and that's all you can ask for. I definitely, 100 percent believe he's having a Pro Bowl season. And the way our defense has been performing lately, I believe he should be 100 percent in consideration." — nose tackle Shelby Harris

"Definitely. He's been active, he's been around the ball and I think he's leading us in tackles every game, so his consistency has been great for us." — cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

To vote for Todd Davis and the rest of your favorite Broncos,click here. You can also vote on Twitter by Tweeting #ProBowlVote with either the player's first and last name (#ProBowlVote Todd Davis), their Twitter handle (#ProBowlVote @BamBamDavis51) or their full name as a hashtag (#ProBowlVote #ToddDavis).

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