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The Pro Bowl Push: Chris Harris Jr.'s teammates reveal what makes him such a special player

Withvoting for the 2019 Pro Bowl underway, it's our job to make sure Broncos fans are as well informed as possible before they do their civic NFL duty. So, to provide valuable perspective for the outstanding seasons some of the Broncos' top players are putting forward this year, we asked their teammates why they should make it, beginning with the case for Chris Harris Jr. to make his fourth career Pro Bowl.

"Not only is Chris having a Pro Bowl season, he's having an All-Pro season. If you look at the guys he goes against every single week, he's going against the number-one guy. He might not follow the number-one guy, but every time he's matched up on the number-one guy, he has success. He has success against the best receivers on the other team. I mean, what else could you want? To go to the Pro Bowl, you want the best corners against the best receivers, and Chris Harris is definitely one of the best corners in the National Football League." – OLB Von Miller

"Chris, man, he's the best in the league. Week in and week out, he's always bringing his A-game. He's got a touchdown, all types of picks, all types of interceptions. A tremendous player, been doing it at a high level for a long time, so he definitely deserves to be in there." – WR Emmanuel Sanders

"He's so smart. I tell people this story all the time, and it still blows my mind that he did this. So, there was a play during training camp where we were about to run a play and it got blown dead. So we got maybe 5 yards up the field, and he told me every route that every receiver had on that one particular play, and we didn't even run the play. And he knew exactly [what] we had. I was like, 'Bro.' I didn't tell him he was right, but in my head, I knew he was right. I was like, 'How did he know that?' I told D.T. and E, 'Bro, Chris knew every route on that play that got blown dead.' And they were like, 'He's just like that. He's really smart.' It just blew my mind, and ever since then, I knew that when I was going against him, I'd have to do something different. I couldn't just be a fast, strong guy. I couldn't just out-muscle him because of how smart he is. I had to be technical in my routes, and he's definitely pushed me to be technical in my routes, because when I go against him, I have to do something different than to be strong and fast on a guy." – WR Courtland Sutton

"I feel like Chris is just a guy who's so smart. He knows [everything]. If I'm on the field, I'm trying focus on what I'm doing, but Chris is telling me the play that's going to come and he's telling me how they're going to do it and what they're going to do, just talking to us and making sure. He's watching so much film and has so much knowledge of the game, and I feel that he's one of the premier corners in the NFL." – OLB Bradley Chubb

To vote for Chris Harris Jr. and the rest of your favorite Broncos, click here.

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