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That's What They Said: Raiders HC Del Rio, DE Khalil Mack

Raiders prepare for first game without Carr

Head coach Jack Del Rio: "I think we all kind of went through that period of reflection on Derek and him going down. I think that all occurred over the weekend, and really at this point, the team, as we do in this league and in this sport — we plug in the next guy and we start preparing for the next opportunity. So that's kind of where we are. Derek, by all reports, had really a tremendous procedure, and surgery and everything went well and his spirits are great. So we wish him well that way, but the team right now is 100-percent dialed in on going forward."

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Del Rio: "Well, we're getting ready to find out. We'll put a plan together and we'll go, but I'm not going to spend a lot time talking about what we may or may not try and do, or anything in terms of planning. We've got a good group of guys and a good group of men and a good group of coaches and players who are going to work hard to put together a good plan, and we go out and expect to win."

Mack thrilled to be in Defensive Player of the Year race with Von Miller

Photos that captured the Broncos' week of preparation for the Raiders in the season finale. (photos by Ben Swanson)

Defensive end Khalil Mack: "You're talking about being in a race with a guy like that, it's an honor in itself. Von and what he's done for that team, you know how great of a player he is. It's an honor to even be mentioned in the same category of a guy like that."

"You look at DeMarcus Ware, you're talking about a complete pass-rusher. Him and Von are two of the most complete pass-rushers. They've got speed, they've got power. They do everything that you want your edge guys to do. And you bring him up, just know that I watched him very closely. I watched all his game tape even when he was in Dallas, just looking at the way he attacked the game and how versatile he was and how versatile he is, he still is. I respect his game a lot. Him and Von, I respect their games a lot."

Del Rio sees similarities and differences in Mack and Miller

Del Rio: "They're similar in that they're both disruptive, and both people, you need to make sure you know where they are. And they're both special players. I think they're different in that Khalil's a heavier, bigger player. Von's probably — Von's the only guy I've ever seen that can look like Gumby going around a corner and an inch off the ground and still going at full speed. So he's got some amazing abilities. I think both of them do. Two great players."

"He's one of the elite players in the league. Von is a special talent, special young man, and he's continued to do all the things that I saw firsthand while I was there. He's a disruptive guy and he's good against the run and the pass. He's an impactful player, and I had the pleasure of coaching him for three years. You always know that with Von, the offense has their hands full."

Raiders preparing for Siemian and Lynch

Del Rio: "Obviously, they're both younger players, both very capable. I think Denver has a couple of the more talented wide receivers out there in Demaryius [Thomas] and [Emmanuel] Sanders, and those two guys are just outstanding talents and great workers. So I know the quarterbacks enjoy throwing the ball to them and both those guys can play. So we're just getting ourselves ready and making sure that we understand what each of them likes to do and get us as familiar as we can with them. Obviously, there's a lot more tape on Trevor than there is with the rookie, but he's a big guy that was taken high for a reason. Obviously, he was highly thought of coming out and we'll be ready to go for him."

Mack: "Being that I haven't played against Paxton, I really don't know too much about what he can do, but looking at the film, you see that he can possibly get out of the pocket. And Trevor can do the same thing, as well. So they have some similar things that you've got to take away from them, but at the same time, we're going to attack it just like we did the last time — especially just making them one-dimensional, keep them in the pocket and go after the pocket."

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