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That's What They Said: Oakland Raiders HC Jack Del Rio and LB Khalil Mack

On facing Miller


Jack Del Rio:** "You're glad when you have them, I know that. It was great having Von and it's certainly great having Khalil. They're both outstanding players."

Khalil Mack: "There's been a little dialogue here and there, and then especially when I went to his … pass-rush summit this past summer. Real cool dude. Real proud of the guy. Hell of a player. Great person. Just watching on film these past few years has taught me a lot about rushing the passer. Not only that, just looking at his get off the things that he looks at and learning from him this past summer. And him and DeMarcus Ware and all those other guys that were out there. It helps the mindset of the pass rusher."

On the addition of Marshawn Lynch

JDR: "He's been a great addition. We'd like to be able to get him more involved than we were last week, but we know he's a good football player, brings passion and toughness."

ML: "Marshawn's the most physical running back I've played against in my career so far. I'm glad he's on my team — not only the player he is, but the person he is off the field. [He's a] competitor, he's a hell of a guy. He's authentic — the most authentic person I've known. … He's a hell of a teammate and I'm glad he's on our team."

On Siemian's Year 2 improvement


JDR: **"He's a young quarterback that's just gaining confidence. You can see the confidence he's gaining with each snap he takes. I think he's doing a nice job with their offense and directing it and making decisions and leading their team."  

On facing Denver for the first time since last year's loss

KM:"It's always in the back of your mind, but at the same time, it's a new year. It's a new year, it's a new group of guys and we're looking forward to coming in and trying to win the game. That's the main focus. Last year is one thing, but this year is a whole new year starting over from scratch. We've got to build it up from the ground up. This is a part of it. It's another win we need."

On Denver's improved run defense

JDR:"They've been playing tremendous defense, period. Obviously [Domata] Peko [Sr.]'s added some strength to the middle. I think that's been a good addition for them. I think they're just playing fast and playing well and obviously getting off the field on third down. They've been very good there, and that limits the number of opportunities teams get. They've just been really strong to start the year."

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