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That's What They Said: Dolphins HC Adam Gase and QB Jay Cutler

Reflecting on their time in Denver


Adam Gase:** "It depends if I'm going to give you a soundbite or not (laughing). We've lost a few games in a row. We're trying to win one game. Whoever we play, that's our focus. Our focus just has to be about winning one game. It's always fun to see a lot of the guys you've worked with or coached. After that, it's pretty much nameless and faceless. You have to focus on doing what you have to do to win a game."

Jay Cutler: "It's been so long that I think a lot of those memories and feelings have kind of subsided a lot. It's kind of just another team."

[On what stands out to him from his time in Denver]

"I had a great time, I still have great friends that came out of that experience. [Former Broncos Head Coach] Mike Shanahan, being able to play with him for the first three years of my career, I couldn't have asked for a better head coach. I think I was very lucky to be able to spend my first three years there."

Preparing for Broncos roster changes

AG:[On the quarterback situation]

"It just depends on how big of a deal you make it. With our situation, we've had a couple games where Jay went out of the game. Our guys are used to [Dolphins QB] Matt [Moore]. He's been here for a long time. He filled in last year for [Dolphins QB] Ryan [Tannehill]. So for us, we just kind of keep going. Not a lot changes when one is in over the other. It's just really about how that group handles it and if they can handle the sudden change. Certain guys like certain routes and concepts. Maybe there is a little difference in cadence. That's about it."

JC:[On not facing Aqib Talib]

"I mean, having him out makes life a little easier that's for sure."**

Cutler praises Gase


JC: **"[I] love Adam. I think he does a great job with the team. I had him in Denver and Chicago. I've known Adam for a really long time. He actually picked me up at the airport when I took a visit to Detroit when I was coming out of the draft. I've been around him a long time and it's been a fun year."

[On whether he would have come out of retirement for anybody but Gase]

"Don't know."

How Siemian sitting out can help

AG:"It really can because you get a different perspective. You get to see somebody else operate the offense. When I watch him, I love the way he throws the ball. It just seems like he doesn't put a lot of effort in it, but the ball comes out nice. When he has time in the pocket and guys are running to find some windows in there, he really spins it good. He can really cause some issues because when they run some of the deeper stuff—I just watched him over the last couple years, he puts the ball in some tight windows. When he has time, he can cause a lot of problems."

How tough times helped Gase learn

AG:"I think that whole 2009-2010 period was a great experience for me. I saw a lot of good and I saw some things that made me realize [I could] do it a little different. If things aren't going right, it's about kind of resetting the clock and coming back in the next week and getting a good week of practice. Then going out on Sunday and trying to find a way to win the game. Our guys are doing a good job of preparing,

guys are doing a good job of practicing hard and trying to do all of the little details right. Prepare for the game and we've have a couple games where we had opportunities to close it out and we didn't quite get it done. We have a couple of games where we haven't played very well. When we play a good team, they beat us. I just keep seeing a group of guys that keep trying to do it right and that's really what you're looking for guys to do so it gives you a chance on Sunday."

When moving on from certain players is in the team's best interest

AG:"The way I look at it is, we have to do whatever we need to do to make sure we have 53 guys that are on the active roster that are committed to the same thing. It makes it easy for me when I know I have to look at a guy like [Dolphins DE] Cam Wake, [Dolphins DT Ndamukong] Suh] and [Dolphins LB] Kiko [Alonso]. [Dolphins LB] Lawrence Timmons, [Dolphins S] Reshad Jones — all of those guys on defense. When I look them in the eye and say, 'Hey, this is the best move for us. I'm doing this for our team to put us in the best position.' I just have to know that everything I do — Cam Wake is not looking to rebuild. He wants to know what are you doing to help us win right now. I just feel a responsibility to guys that have been here for a long time or guys that have been playing for a long time to get it done right. Sometimes that's moving on from somebody."

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