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That's What They Said: Oakland Raiders HC Jack Del Rio

Del Rio's expectations for a new-look Denver offense

"We expect to see their offense, which has been very, very good at running the football. Looks like they're going to go with Paxton [Lynch], who is an athletic, young quarterback. We're getting prepared for that."

[On both teams having new coordinators]

"At this point in the season, I'm pretty sure we're both in the same situation. We have a new defensive coordinator and they have a new offensive coordinator. I think both teams obviously will have a couple of things that they want to feature, but you can't rewrite the entire playbook in a week's time."

[On if he expects to see familiar concepts from when OC Bill Musgrave was in Oakland]

"I'm sure. We all have foundational things that we believe in and I'm quite sure that we'll see some of that."

How the Raiders will prepare for Lynch

"You do what you can with the film. You make the best use of it. You recognize some of the abilities of a guy that can run and what that might lead to. We'll prepare ourselves accordingly."

Why the Raiders made a change at defensive coordinator

"We just felt that we needed a change. It wasn't comfortable and it wasn't easy. In fact, it was very difficult to do, but at the end of the day I really felt like I had to do it to give us a spark — give us a chance. I had to shake things up, and we can't just continue operating the way we're operating defensively. I made the change, it was my call and it's my belief that we can and must do things better to finish these last six games."

[On if needing to create more turnovers led to the change]

"The two biggest areas where we're struggling if you were to look at last year vs. this year — the net effect of being minus-nine right now, when last year at this point we were plus-10 in turnover ratio. That's a big one and then third-down defense. I think last year at this point after 10 games I think we were fourth or fifth in the league, right around 35 percent. Now we're up towards 45-46 percent allowed. Turnovers and third down obviously are the keys to playing good defense and we have to be much, much better there."

Where the two teams are in relation to preseason expectations

"I'm surprised by both of our seasons, really. I really think the AFC West is a really strong division, and I think it's a little bit surprising that both of us have had struggles this year."

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