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That's What They Said: Chargers HC Anthony Lynn, OLB Melvin Ingram


Ingram breaks down Bolles & Siemian**

Chargers OLB Melvin Ingram:"I think [Garett Bolles] is a good, solid player. I think he has a bright future in this league and, plus, we have respect for him. We like the way he plays, and we like the way he handles business out there."

[on Trevor Siemian] "Good quarterback. He's been leading that franchise over there and they have big victories over there this year. I feel like he's been putting them in good positions to do that."


Practice preparation is underway for a road game against the Chargers. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

Lynn reviews Chargers' opener vs. Broncos**

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn: "We got down a couple scores and the team kept fighting. The team came back. We would put ourselves in the position to win the game at the end, if we would have made it to overtime. We just kept playing. That's one of the things that I've liked about this team through the whole season. We're 2-4, but we play like we're [6-0]. Guys show up and they play. They do their job. We just weren't finishing games earlier and now we've figured out a way as a coaching staff and as players to finish a little better."

[On not using tight ends much in Week 1] "We took a look at that. It was a couple times something that Denver did. We wanted to get [TE] Hunter Henry and [TE] Antonio [Gates] involved. They kind of took Hunter away. In those couple times, I think the ball got tipped, but it was going to Hunter. We have to do a better job of getting our playmakers involved. Period."

Miller a pass-rush pal for Ingram

MI:"We talk a lot about pass rush, actually. Me and him [Von Miller], we definitely talk a lot about pass rush and a lot about playing the run. We just try to incorporate stuff from each other. You try to figure out ways to make the game easier really."

Why the Chargers' fortunes have been improving

MI:"It's been a good feeling. The key is that we just need to make the big plays down the stretch to get over the hump and the last couple of weeks we've been doing that."

AL:"Just finishing games and learning how to win. Sometimes you can lose so many close games that you forget how to win. It's very important that we got in one of these games and the ball thrown our way, for a change. I think it's given our guys a little bit of momentum and confidence. So, next time we're in this situation, it's like we've been here and done this."

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