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That's What They Said: Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

Patrick Mahomes II to start for Chiefs

Chiefs HC Andy Reid:"We're in a position where we can do that. It gives the kid some experience. That's the reason. Listen, the Broncos are a good football team, real good defense. It'll be a great experience for him to play against that crew."

Reid shares mindset on resting players

Reid:"Will I do that with other players? There's a chance. There's a chance I rotate some guys. The only reason I hesitate on you there is you don't always have that [luxury] at every position. The guys [are] going to practice at the other spots and just roll when they roll. We'll talk about all that stuff later. The quarterback thing, we've got three quarterbacks, so you have an opportunity to do this. That's not the way it is at every position."

Chiefs still prepared to put together game plan

Reid:"I think I've gotten to know some of those Denver Broncos guys at the Pro Bowl, and I know how much they enjoy playing. So we've got to make sure we're ready to play. That's the bottom line. This is a tough business and a competitive business. So when you're on that field, you've got to play."

Why Alex Smith succeeds as Chiefs' quarterback

Reid:"He's probably seen one of everything, too. A lot of different offenses have been thrown at him. He has been in this one probably longer than any of the other ones he had been in, which I think has helped. To watch him come to work every day is really something. He enjoys coming to work. He's going to work his tail off. He's always in great shape. He always gives you his best. He's tough, smart — all those things. I'm a big fan of his. He does it the right way."

The value of a 1,000-yard season

Reid:"That's a tough stinking position to play, so even today, to put together that amount of yardage I think is still a pretty big thing. That position, it's rough. You're taking some pretty good hits. To get that mileage and stay healthy throughout to get the mileage, I still think it's quite an accomplishment."

How the Chiefs broke out of a midseason slump

Reid:"We've got a good locker room, and they just kind of hung together. Coaches hung together. We were able to get it turned around a bit there. We flopped there for a few games and weren't looking too good, so I'm proud of everybody sticking together."

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