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That's What They Said: New England Patriots

Impressions of Siemian:


Bill Belichick:** Athletic. Certainly he has a good arm. They've hit a lot of balls down the field. He's got a couple of great receivers to throw to. But he's done a good job on the bootlegs and the moving-pocket plays and, you know, there are some checks at the line of scrimmage. But it looks like they make some adjustments based on look and so forth. He certainly looks solid on those. He's been productive and he can run their offense.

Devin McCourty: [He's a] smart quarterback. You can see he's able to really try to diagnose what the defense is trying to do and get the ball to his guys out there – obviously with Demaryius [Thomas] and Emmanuel Sanders – just being able to get them the ball in different situations and catch-and-run situations. He does a good job of that. Then I think that the one thing that sticks around for a younger quarterback that hasn't played much, he does a good job of just keeping his eyes downfield, moving around in the pocket and just getting to the best play no matter really what happens with the rush or anything. He does a good job of that.

On Sanders and Thomas:

DM: One of the best [duos]. I mean, you look at the production the last couple years together in Denver, I don't know if you'll find a pair of receivers better than them. Obviously [with] us playing them twice last year we've had to deal with them and try to slow them down but it's tough, you have got to do it for 60 minutes. You'll see games where it seems like teams are playing them pretty good and then in the fourth quarter either one of them or both of them make huge plays really to get into scoring situations or score big touchdowns and that really decides the game. So it's going to be a tough task to really try to stop them for all 60 minutes. 

I mean, they're both tough [to cover]. Obviously they're a different type of receiver so they create different matchup problems but I don't think you can pick which one is tougher to cover. I think their abilities and what they do is really what makes them such a dynamic duo together.

On Tom Brady's season and enthusiasm:


DM:** We love it. I mean he's a competitor so it doesn't surprise us. He's like that day in and day out. Practice can go like that when he gets going so it's not new to us. We see it all the time and it's a part of our team. He's a leader on this team, he leads us. So when we see that I think everyone knows how fired up he is and we just try to match his intensity.

BB: Yeah, Tom [Brady]'s had a very consistent career since I've been here. He works hard, he prepares hard, he puts a lot into the game both on and off the field, competes hard, is very competitive against a lot of different types of defenses. We run different types of plays and he's able to execute a lot of plays at a high level. He's been pretty consistent. I can't single out one thing with him because it's been so long but he's good at a lot of things and he works hard at them.

On the Broncos' defense and Miller:


DM:** I think all the attention their defense gets is well-deserved. They have a great defense. For us, we're not trying to prove anything. We get it. People are going to talk. The last couple of weeks, people have talked and they were down on us, now all of a sudden we're supposedly a good defense, so we just keep playing and let it fall and try to win games.

I mean when we watch film you see other defenses out there. But they make plays. They fly around out there. [They're] a stingy defense. You see them out there. Me, knowing [Aqib] Talib personally, when I get a chance to watch him play, I'll watch. They have a really good defense and they make it tough and score points and do well. It should make for a good game. 

BB: Yeah, [Von Miller is] really good. He's a very hard guy to block. He can do a lot of things. He's explosive, he's fast, quick, can play with power. Even when you get him blocked he doesn't stay blocked. He's got the ability to separate, instinctive, he's quick to get off, anticipate plays, screens and misdirection plays and things like that that you think would slow him down. He sees them and reacts to them very quickly. He's an outstanding player.

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