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That's What They Said: Chiefs HC Andy Reid and LB Derrick Johnson

On the Chiefs defense maintaining success:

LB Derrick Johnson:"Attention to detail. And it all starts with practice. Trying to be more of a leader for this team. Of course, even though I'm the oldest player, we have a couple other leaders on this team, like [S] Eric Berry, [OLB] Tamba Hali, [OLB] Justin Houston – those guys coming to the team, that really helps an older guy out, like myself. It's been making a conscious decision to get turnovers, get sacks, try to be an impact player on our team. Just try to help our team. Not being just a JAG – a "just another guy" out there. We're just trying to make a difference, and we've been doing a pretty good job of it the last few years."

HC Andy Reid: "It's the same ... with the Broncos: good players and good coaching. And that's a pretty good formula."


On OLB Justin Houston returning from injury:**

Johnson:"I'm sure he's not at 100 [percent]. Even if his body is feeling 100, you still have to train your eyes. I was out for a long time, like he was, with my Achilles injury a couple years ago. And coming back to the game, it moves fast for you at times. But it will slow down quickly [for] Justin. He's one of the best rushers in the game. Each game, you'll see improvement from Justin and it's all about peaking at the right time. I've been in this league long enough to know, when you get good players back, like Justin, it's going to help you down the stretch. We're fortunate to have him during this time."

The good thing is I told him, when you're out there during practice, it's that much even more important for him in practice, 'cause he hasn't been playing in games, to actually move fast and react fast, just so when the game comes, it's not like he's trying to turn on a switch. It's like, 'OK, I've been doing this during the week, let me just turn it on just a little bit more, just so I can make a difference out here.' Physically, I think he's almost at 100, but I'm sure mentally, he's not at 100. That's just how it is. This football game moves too fast for somebody to be out that long to just say, 'OK, he can anticipate all the plays he was anticipating before he got hurt.' At the same time … we're grateful to have him."

Reid:"We've kind of put him in there, and then let him do his thing [and] just kind of monitor him. He's done a nice job with it, getting back at it and going through the workload. He played quite a few snaps in the game, so that was good."


To which player OLB Von Miller could be compared:**

Johnson:"Probably [former Chiefs DE/LB] Derrick Thomas. That's a name that I don't throw out there much. Somebody that's quick off the ball. Not very big, but athletic enough and strong enough to get around the corner. And has enough power just because he uses his speed so good. When you can direct your speed to power to these tackles, that's a hard pick-up for them. He poses problems for all offenses, and he's going to pose a problem for us. We'll hopefully have a good game plan and put it to work on Sunday night."

On the Broncos' pass rushers:

Reid: "You've got to focus on all of them. They're all pretty good. I've got more snaps under my coaching belt against Ware than I do the other guys. So I know how special he is, likewise. They're all pretty good players right there."


On CB Marcus Peters' injury status:**

Reid:"Well, he's a pretty good player, so we would've loved to have had him out there, but he was hurt.

"He's getting better."

On impressions of QB Trevor Siemian:

Johnson:"A young quarterback just trying to find his way. Hasn't had that much consistency. He's not very tall in the pocket, but somehow he still is making all the throws that he needs to make. So hats off to that. You'd think a shorter guy like [himself] – he's not crazy short, but I think he should have some problems seeing back there, and he's pretty comfortable back there. Hopefully we can make him uncomfortable. That's our plan."

Reid:"He's a good football player. I like his game."

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