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That's What They Said: Chargers HC Mike McCoy and DE Joey Bosa

Quick Turnaround: Good or Bad?

Mike McCoy: "We've got our systems, both teams, in all three phases. Every time you play a team, there's going to be a weekly adjustment. So, I think having played a division opponent, we play them twice a year, it always helps when you've played that team before. So, I think we have the same thing. We have a good understanding of each other. We've got to go out there and play."

Joey Bosa: "I wouldn't know. We'll see come Sunday. It's new to me playing someone that you played two weeks ago, not even. Obviously you've got a good feel for the guy you just went up against, but then again, he has a better feel for you. It's going to be interesting to see."

Keys to Bosa's early success

McCoy: "We all thought that Joey was a very talented player, and that's why we picked him where we did. You saw how he was going to help our defense in the offseason program before he stepped away there for a little while. When he came back in, unfortunately, he got a little dinged so he missed four weeks of the season early on. Each week he's gotten a little better. But you saw how he was going to help us the first game he came back. Each week his reps have increased or he's picked up a certain role, so we're very pleased with where he's at. He's really going to help our team down the road."

Shots from the Broncos' Wednesday practice before welcoming the Chargers to town. (Photos by Eric Bakke unless noted)

Bosa: "It's been awesome, especially to get two wins out of the three. It's been what I've dreamt of doing for a long time now and it's awesome that it's actually here now."

Did the early success surprise the rookie?

Bosa: "I wouldn't say it surprises me. I'm happy that all my hard work is actually showing out there. I knew it would. Maybe not to this extent, but there's still 1,000 things I could do a lot better in the game. Stats are one thing, but I know I can play a lot better."

How the win over the Broncos boosted the Chargers' confidence

Bosa: "I think our attitude has been good. Nobody really ever got down even after those few losses in a row. We just tried to keep our head up in the locker room, feed off of each other and keep a positive attitude moving forward. After getting that win on Thursday night, I think it really boosted the positivity and the belief in the locker room and now we're just feeding off that, especially with another win on Sunday."

Did it spark a turnaround for the team?

McCoy: "It's the same every week. You've got to go out and execute. We did a nice job, I think, but we've got to play a lot better this week. That's the main thing. That one's behind us now. You can't worry about that one and the last couple of weeks. You got to go on to the next one and play better this week.

Gordon's drastic improvement from last season: What changed?

Take a glimpse at a 38-3 win for Denver over San Diego on Dec. 21, 1997. The victory at Mile High was the Broncos' biggest win in history over the Chargers. (Photos via Denver Broncos Photo Archive/Eric Bakke)

McCoy: "Eleven guys doing their job better. If you look early in the season, the way he was running the football is very similar to what he was doing or what he's done at this point in time in the season. He's got more opportunities at certain times of the game whether it's a goal line situation or it's a passing situation. He didn't play as much. He caught the touchdown the other day — things like that in the past year, Danny [Woodhead] might have been in there, or another back. Mel's accepted the challenge of being more involved in the passing game and protection part of things. This is the player last year we thought he was. He did a nice job last year also, but it's 11 guys. It's not just one guy. It's 11 guys doing their job for someone to have success."

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