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That's What They Said: Chargers HC Anthony Lynn and QB Philip Rivers

Playing in the last game of the weekend

Quarterback Philip Rivers: "We've done it a handful of times. I feel like we did it against the Texans one year, we did it against Oakland a few years, we did it at Kansas City one year. Seems like we've played that second time slot, Monday night opener quite a few times, so we've been through it before. It is a long day on Monday for sure at 8:20 MT. So that Monday will drag. Sunday's kind of nice, obviously we travel and we get to watch all the games Sunday and kind of relax, but Monday does take forever. But it's exciting, you dream about these kind of games as a little boy, and here you go you get to play on "Monday Night Football" in Denver, opening weekend, on Sept. 11, which obviously will be an emotional day, and it's awesome."

What it's like to play in Denver


Rivers:** "I think it's two-fold. I love the stadium. It's one of my favorite stadiums, empty. … It's an awesome stadium. A few stadiums on the road that we've been to a lot of times, I don't go out before hand, before warmups. But Denver's always one, when we get off the bus, I like to go out there and look at it empty. The crispness in the air, plus the stadium itself is awesome. I was one of those kids that grew up, when you built sand castles, I was building stadiums. I was into that kind of stuff. Just the look of the field — it's about as perfect as it gets. From that standpoint already, [and] then you throw in the atmosphere and the crowd … it's awesome. You mentioned, we won some there, especially early in my career. In '06, we won on Sunday night, come-from-behind victory. We won a handful early there in a row. We won that one on Thursday night back in '13, and we haven't been as good here as of late. But I think some of the success plus just the pure beauty of the stadium and the atmosphere I think is one of the reasons why. I'm always thankful each and every time we can come here.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn: "It's going to be a heck of a night, I know that. It's one of the best places to play an NFL football game and they have a great fan base and crowd, and it's going to be a great environment."

Respect for Miller


Lynn:** "[Joey Bosa]'s in his sophomore year. He's a really good player. He has a work ethic and the heart to be a great player, but he's still young, he's still growing. I don't know where you rank as far as guys in the league now, I just know that Denver has a proven guy: Von Miller. I think he's one of the best in the game."

Rivers: "I said it when they were doing the NFL 100 players, I think Von's one of the best defensive players [and] will be remembered as one of the best to ever play. I still find myself rewinding the tape. Not only on the pass downs, on the run downs. I think that's what pushes him a notch above. He is unreal against the run. He plays on every down — all he's got — and it's impressive."

McCoy faces old team

[On if there's an advantage for Mike McCoy]

Lynn: "No, not really. He knows the offense, the personnel, the people here — but we also know him. The people here, they know him. I think sometimes you can overthink things, and so we haven't paid that much attention."

Rivers: "He's not suiting up, is he? Nah, I'm kidding you. Mike was good. He and I continue to stay in touch. Now, obviously not this week. It was a good time. Obviously we didn't win as many games as either of us would've liked, but [I have] a great deal of respect for Mike as a coach and a man and [I] enjoyed our time."

Perspective on Siemian


Lynn:** "Just watching him play here recently, he's an NFL quarterback. They've done a heck of a job with him. I remember when he came in last year, he started out well. I'm sure he's developing even more and gotten even better. I think they found their quarterback."

Tight end Hunter Henry's progression

Lynn: "He looks good. I liked him last year just from going back and watching the tape from [2016]. He's even taken it to the next level. He had a solid offseason, an outstanding training camp. He looks good. He's ready to go."

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