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That's What They Said: Bills' HC Sean McDermott, RB LeSean McCoy


Bills kept an eye on the Broncos' run defense vs. Dallas**

Bills head coach Sean McDermott:"Very impressed. Very impressed. They're a really good group. Obviously, they're playing well right now. They're in first place. It looks like they're playing fast and all that type of stuff that normally accompanies a good defense."

Bills running back LeSean McCoy:"[We need to] just stay true to our keys and our identity. If we get back in points and we're down, just [stay] with it. The Cowboys kind of went to the passing game so early because they stopped him [Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliot] a few times in the running game and they got down on points. The Broncos are a tough group, they really are. I think you just have to keep being consistent, running your plays and you have to keep to your identity. You can't change because of how the game's going, because they'll make plays. They're a good defense. They're going to make plays and you just have to keep at it."


Broncos' defense draws acclaim**

LM:"They're a good group. They play well together. They secondary and defensive linemen cover well. They're an aggressive group. It's a top defense for a reason."

"… [Domata Peko's] a baller, for sure. I've played him several times over the years. He's a hard worker. … He takes up a lot of blocks and takes up a lot of space. He gets his backers free. They already were a good defense, and he helps them out even more."

SM:"They [Denver's secondary] are very talented. They do a good job. They've done a good job for years. They're playing well. They're a very physical group. They've done a good job in two games so far."

Defensive-minded McDermott impressed by Siemian and McCoy

SM:"[Offensive coordinator] Mike [McCoy] is a very talented coach. I think he did a great job as a head coach. I think he's one of the best coordinators in the business. He does a really good job of utilizing his personnel and being smart with the ball, all that type of stuff. Very accomplished coach. I have a lot of respect for Mike, in terms of on the field and off the field as well. He is a good person and good coach."

"… I had the chance to go against Trevor [Siemian] a year ago when I was with the Panthers [in] the opening game of the year. I was impressed with him then. I continue to be impressed. He's smart. He does a lot in-between plays in terms of at the line of scrimmage. He knows where to go with the football based on coverage looks. He gets in and out of plays at the line. He's efficient. They're very efficient that way."


The Broncos beat the Bills 24-17 in a 2014 matchup at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.


Miller not just dangerous rushing the passer

LM:"Von Miller, he's dangerous. Anything you want to do from the running game to the passing game — he's one of those guys that comes around every decade or so. Tough player, he puts his head in there for the running game. He's explosive, fast and he does a good job of timing the counts. The pass rush, I don't have to say much about that. You guys know how that works out. As far as the running game, he'll put his head in there and be disruptive if you don't get on him."

Broncos' rushing attack another challenge for Bills' run defense

SM:"Every situation is different. Jonathan Stewart, I thought our defense did a really good job. It started up front and then we were able to swarm to the ball. [Broncos RB] C.J. [Anderson] this week and [Broncos RB Jamaal] Charles — that's a good one-two punch and one-two combination. I believe they're leading the league in rushing at this point. It will be a big challenge for us and our young defense. They've put some big numbers on some really good defenses so we'll have our hands full."

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