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Mile High Morning: How ILB Alex Singleton represented his sister and Special Olympics during a record-setting season


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There's more than one athlete in the Singleton family.

Inside linebacker Alex Singleton set a slew of tackling marks during the Broncos' 2023 season, and his sister Ashley has carved out an athletics career of her own.

Ashley has competed with Special Olympics for years, and Alex has been one of her biggest supporters, as a recent story for detailed.

"You know, my support for Special Olympics changed so much in my life. Obviously, it started out just being my sister's fan, and then it went to becoming a volunteer and coach," Singleton told "When I went to college, and especially when I played up in Canada, it morphed into using my platform to kind of speak out for Special Olympics, and then, use what I do for a living to be able to represent my sister."

Singleton featured his sister on his cleats for this year's My Cause My Cleats campaign, and the story detailed how Ashley "could not be prouder" of her younger sibling.

"I love it when he plays football because he's really good at it with his team and he's my little brother," Ashley said.

While the Singleton siblings play different sports — Ashley currently competes in bowling, soccer and gymnastics — they both continue to cheer each other on in their respective careers.

"For their entire life, the siblings' support for one another was on full display," RJ Nealon wrote. "Now from the NFL field to the Special Olympics pool, the Singleton siblings continue to display that family support proudly – sometimes wearing their heart on their literal cleat."

For more on Singleton's connection to Special Olympics, check out this feature from last season.

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