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Mile High Morning: Former QB Jake Plummer excited for 'great opportunity' to join Broncos in Mexico for NFL Draft weekend


The Lead

As the NFL Draft begins, so too does the Broncos' tour in Mexico.

Former quarterback Jake Plummer and Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis will lead a Broncos contingent on a three-day tour beginning Friday that includes stops in both Mexico City and Monterrey.

"I thought it was a great opportunity to get out of the country and also go help kids be active and get moving and learning the game," Plummer told this week. "The game has served me well and is still serving me well, so I get to go represent an awesome organization in another country."

Plummer and Davis will join Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and Miles the Mascot at a series of events, including a youth football activation, a safety clinic and two fan fests.

"Just south across our country's border is another entire country that loves American football," Plummer said. "It's going to be fun to just go down as an ambassador for not just the Broncos but also for the game [and] the NFL and pay respect to what it's done for me and spread the love and light that I now live in to whoever's down there to receive it. I'm sure a lot of young kids are going to be excited to just play ball, and I'm excited to run around and be active."

Plummer and Davis will also join Diana Flores, the quarterback of the Mexico Women's National Flag Football team, in announcing a Day 3 draft selection. Plummer previously announced a pick in 2016, when he skied down a mountain in Winter Park to announce one of Denver's selections.

"You never know when those things come back around, so I never thought I'd do it again, but getting to ski down and announce a draft pick was super cool," Plummer said. "I didn't know what it would [be like], but a lot of fans were like, 'Wow, that's legendary.'"

As he announces another pick, he'll get to do so alongside a fellow quarterback in Flores. 

"I think a lot of people don't understand the number of women that play the game of football, some that have been playing for 15, 16 years [in] high-level tackle or even flag football," Plummer said. "It'll be really cool, of course. Hopefully we'll have a football to toss around. For me … the exciting part is getting to be around a football and throw it and run around and play like a kid myself."

For more on Plummer and the Broncos' trip to Mexico, click here.

Below the Fold

In case you missed it, the late Demaryius Thomas was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame on Wednesday night. In addition to his induction, Peyton Manning also awarded the first "18 to 88" scholarship to Ben Miner.

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