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LB Brandon Marshall and Broncos commit $50,000 to launch FEEL Movement in Denver


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Linebacker Brandon Marshall and the Denver Broncos have committed $50,000 to help launch his FEEL (Feed & Educate to Empower Leaders) Movement, it was announced on Wednesday.

"I'm excited that the Broncos are joining me in my journey to help create change in our community," Marshall said. "I'm actually speechless that they decided to work with me on this initiative. Hopefully we can continue creating positive change in this movement to feed and educate to empower leaders.

"I just want to be able to give back. I feel like that is my purpose outside of football, and I'm glad to have the Broncos' support."

The FEEL Movement is an actionable part of Marshall's charity, Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership Program, and began in partnership with 'Shop Now To Fund,' a conscious shopping e-commerce marketplace. The donation from Marshall and the Broncos will also go toward supporting three local organizations: Denver Rescue Mission (Feed), Adolescents Know Your Rights (Educate) and Action Youth (Empower Leaders).

Shop Now To Fund and the FEEL Movement focus on taking care of people's basic needs, reducing the likelihood of unlawful behavior motivated by desperation and want. In addition, both groups have the goal of providing supplemental learning materials that will empower people to create their emotional prosperity and be exposed to ideas that will better prepare them to learn and dream beyond their circumstances.

For every $250 raised through the Shop Now To Fund e-commerce platform, a FEEL Box will be gifted to families in Denver as well as Marshall's hometown of North Las Vegas. FEEL Boxes include staples like a 30-day supply of coupons for non-perishable food, hygienic products and a tablet loaded with digital books and programs to educate and empower. 

In addition to distributing FEEL Boxes in the greater Denver metro area, Marshall has committed both time and resources to three local organizations, each representing one pillar of the FEEL Movement.

  • Denver Rescue Mission (DRM) is committed to helping people who are experiencing homelessness and addiction in Denver with the primary goal of seeing these lives transformed through personal accountability, education, spiritual development, and community relationships. DRM meets the needs of people suffering in poverty and homelessness through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach. For more information about Denver Rescue Mission, please visit
  • Adolescents Know Your Rights (AKYR) is a Denver nonprofit organization which stands to eradicate oppression through social and environmental education of youth. The mission of AKYR is to increase social equity of race, gender, age and income variability through expounded education, promoting the awareness of opportunities, options, environmental effects, and uniting the efforts of allies with similar missions, while gathering data on the population. For more information about AKYR, please visit
  • Action Youth is a Denver nonprofit with a mission to develop urban student leaders who positively influence their community by teaching the value of: Healthy Life Choices, Academic Excellence, and Leading to Serve. The organization's On-Campus program teaches core values via an elective class for high schoolers, where students complete Action Youth's evidence-based curriculum, develop and individual breakthrough plan, create student-led service projects and mentor incoming freshman. For more information about Action Youth, please visit

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