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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Pamela Gonzales

Children's Hospital Colorado junior reporter Pamela Gonzales interviewed Bradley Roby and got to meet many more Broncos. (Photos: Gabriel Christus)

This past week I met a football player and I got to ask him some questions. We took a tour around the training area and met a lot of new people. It was pretty cool to see where they train and their locker rooms and stuff.


After we took a tour around the place we got to watch a lot of the practice that they were doing. 

After practice we went outside and sat at the bench, waiting for Bradley Roby, number 29 for the Broncos. I had my questions ready. I do not know much about football so I didn't ask much of it.

Question one: Do you play any instruments? If not, which one would you play?
Answer: I do not play any instruments, but if I could I would I would learn to play the piano.

Question two: What is your favorite food?
Answer: Steak and potatoes all the way.

Question three: If you could never play football, what would you do and why?
Answer: If I could never play football again, I would maybe do something with football, like coaching, be a broadcaster or an agent. Something to do with football.


Question four: Did you want to be something different as a kid?
Answer: Nope. I always wanted to be a football player. I would write in my notebooks, "football player."

Question five: What do you think of Vance Joseph's coaching?
Answer: I think he's good. He's a great coach, a people person. He does well with communication. Overall, he's a good guy. I like him a lot.

Question six: What's your cheesiest joke?
Answer: Cheesiest joke? I don't know. I don't tell too many jokes. If I had one, it would probably be a cheesy knock-knock joke.

Question seven: What's your family's best holiday tradition?
Answer: I dig Christmas time. We eat a lot of good food. My grandma cooks and we exchange gifts, that kind of thing.


Question eight: If you could mix any two animals, which ones and why?
Answer: I guess it's been done before but a lion and a tiger. I don't know if ligers are real, but that would be a pretty cool mix.

Question nine: If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life which one and why?
Answer: "Rosa Parks" by Outkast. It just makes me happy.

Question 10: If you could be any creature which one and why?
Answer: Zeus, just because I like Zeus. I like the name Zeus. I'd be able to throw the lighting bolts.

Question 11: Batman or Superman?
Answer: Superman. I would really want to fly. I don't know if Batman flies. 

Question 12: If you could have the superpowers of any hero, which one and why?
Answer: Probably Superman because then I'd be able to fly, or Spider-man. Then I could shoot those webs.

I think that everyone forgets that football players are not these big mean guys. They are the most down-to-earth guys you will ever meet. Thank you, Broncos and everyone else for giving me this experience.

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