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Children's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter Nathan interviews Garett Bolles

Photos from Chlidren's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter Nathan's visit with Garett Bolles.

It was sunny and hot when we (my Mom and I) arrived at the Broncos Practice Area. The crowd was already on the hill overlooking the field. I, Nathan Barrett, junior reporter, was invited to the VIP tent! Downhill I could see the field and the Broncos players running, catching and tackling and hear the thump of the music and the voice of their coach pushing them on in the background. Just when I thought this day couldn't get better, I was escorted to the practice area. The walk there included a quick trip through the air conditioned (ah!) center to take a quick look at some pretty impressive Super Bowl trophies.

I waited in the shade by the side of the practice field. My interviewee had just finished and was seeing his wife and son who came out to watch. I had gotten lucky, I was going to get to interview Garett Bolles, number 72, tackle. I hoped he would forgive me for wearing Von Miller's jersey.

The first thing that I noticed about Garett (I was allowed to call him that and not Mr. Bolles) were his hands – he is really big, and his hands are even bigger. I straightened up my notecards where I'd written my questions and we sat down on a bench near the practice field. Just then, Von Miller came up to say hi. Wow, two amazing players. Von Miller asked me why, when I was wearing his jersey, I was talking to Garett. But Garett quickly told Von Miller that now was his (Garett's) chance to shine. That Von Miller always had time in the spotlight, and that made me laugh.


"Are those your questions?" Garett asked me, looking over at my cards.

"Yes!" I answered and almost dropped them.

Garett: "You like food?"
Me: "Yeah."
Garett: "What is your favorite food?"
Me: "Sushi."
Garett: "I like sushi too. Do you like, what do you call the ones with the fish on the rice, not the rolls, what do you call those?"
By now a crowd of people had gathered around us. "Sashimi!" They answered before I could.
Garett: "Sashimi, yeah, that's good huh?" (I nodded) "Okay next question." I flipped to the next card.

Me: "If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring and why?"
Garett: "Two of them would be my wife and my son Kingston, and the next one probably my bed. I would have to bring a bed because if you're stuck on an island you have to at least be comfortable." (He must have a giant bed I thought)

Me: "If you could have dinner with any president who would it be?"
Garett: "Can I pick them all? (I shook my head no) Actually, you know what, if I had to pick one president it would be George Washington because I like how he was a leader, and everyone loved him."

Me: "What is your favorite song on your workout list and why?"
Garett: "My favorite song on my workout would probably have to be Eminem's 'Till I Collapse.' It has a good beat to it and it talks about never giving up, like if your legs fall off keep going. Sometimes when you're in a game and you get tired and you have to protect your quarterback, you still gotta keep going, so it just gives me the motivation to keep going."

Me: "What is your favorite play and why?"* Garett:* "My favorite play would probably have to be last year when Emmanuel caught the ball and he cut across the middle and I was the lead blocker for an extra 20 yards." (I could see people in the crowd around us nod)


Me: "If you had a chance to play a different position what position would you play?"
Garett: "Oh, punt returner, you know when they catch the punt and run for a touchdown? Oh yeah, all day right there. I like to score touchdowns cause the crowds are cheering your name and you can jump in the stands." (He moved his hands like he was jumping up which made me laugh)

Me: "What is one thing you like most about the Denver Broncos?"
Garett: "I like that question. You've got good questions." (I smiled) "The thing that I love about the Denver Broncos is that we're all a family here and we all work together as one. This is a great organization by awesome people and I have great teammates that I can call my brothers and we go to work every single day and we always laugh and we always play together, so it's fun."

At this point in the interview, we were both pretty hungry and I could hear my stomach start to growl.

Me: "If you had to eat one kind of food for the rest of your life what kind of food would it be and why?"
Garett: "I could eat ice cream for the rest of my life and I would be all good. Why? Because it's just good. Do you like ice cream? Like you just take a bite and say, 'I can eat this all day.' It is bad, but I have a sweet tooth."
Me: "Me too."

And then, too fast, it was time for Garett to get lunch. I shook his hand and he patted me on the back. Then he handed me his gloves and said that I could have them. "Really?" I asked, and he nodded. The gloves are now on my bookshelf in my room. Maybe if I work really hard and eat enough ice cream, they will fit.

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