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Children's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter: Maddy meets Will Parks

Will Parks sat down for an interview with Maddy, a Children's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter.

Will Parks has been called the Swiss Army Knife of the Broncos defense. I'm Maddy Barrett, kid reporter, and I recently sat down with Will after practice to ask him a few questions. Even after practice, he was full of energy and quite the gentleman.

I wanted to figure out what makes this intensely competitive football player tick, so I peppered him with some serious hypotheticals.

Me: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Will: A food or a fruit?

Me: Food, any kind.

Will: So, from candy all the way to chicken?

I can see right away that Will likes to be clear about the questions.

Me: Any kind.

Will: I would eat salmon. Yeah, why, because it's got a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. I got two pieces of salmon in there for my meals right now.

So, eating is about nutrition, which makes sense for this serious athlete. Will is looking dreamy-eyed about that salmon right now, and he just finished practice so he's probably really hungry. I better keep this going.

Me: If you were stuck on a desert island what three things would you bring?

Will: Can I bring things and people?

This man seeks clarity.

Me: No, only things.

Will: All right, so can I choose the island?

Me: Sure.

Will: I would get stuck on Turks and Caicos and I would have a Nintendo Switch. I would not have a cell phone, I don't want nobody to find me. I would have some peanut butter because you can survive on peanut butter for like three weeks, I think. And then I would have a satellite for my Switch. Just in case I want to connect with somebody.


So, Will is a man who can obviously tackle challenging circumstances with cleverness and insight. He will have plenty of food and seriously awesome entertainment on that desert island and nobody will be able to bug him. I like the way he thinks, and I love peanut butter too.

Me: What place in the world would you like to visit?

Will: London, yeah I think I'm going there next year. I would like to visit London. They have a lot of clothes over there and I'm like a fashion king. I like to call myself a fashion king.

As a fashion queen, I can relate.

Now, let's get into some football questions.

Me: What is your most favorite play that you ever made?

Will: I think it was in college, I hit some dude so hard he like bounced off the ground like face up. U of A vs. Oregon State. You can look it up online.

Later, I Googled that play. Yep, that was one seriously hard hit.

Me: If you had to play a different sport what would it be and why?

Will: I'm the best basketball player that's playing football. Yeah, so I would be a point guard. They call me dead rose when I play.

I like roses too. Mostly live ones though.


Me: Will, if you had to play a different position what position would you choose?

Will: I would definitely be a running back. I like the ball in my hand!

I'm convinced that Will would be a great running back. Coach Modkins, you should give him a try!

Now onto what's really important: family.

Me: Tell me about your family.

Will: I have a very, very, very big family. Like they could probably fill up one side of this football field.

Me: Wow.

Will: Yeah, it's real big.

Maybe this is why he's not bringing a cell phone to the island!

Me: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Will: I got a lot of influences, but the biggest one in my life would be my dad. He pushed me to get here and stuff like that. Who're your biggest influencers?

Me: Probably my parents.

Of course, my dad is standing over there with a video camera on, so what else can I say?

Me: Thanks for the interview, Will Parks!

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